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A Prison Wife Worries about Her Upcoming Extended Family Visit

When a loved one is is prison, there is an abundance of new challenges and hurdles that individual and their family must overcome. Extended family visits are a particularly high hurdle if you have children or other family members that wish to accompany you.

One mother, Jessica, was concerned about her toddler accompanying her to visit her husband in prison. Their trip would entail a sleepover, something Jessica felt unequipped to emotionally handle. Would her shy daughter be able to connect with her father?

How would Jessica facilitate a loving, happy and healing environment for their family? Overall, it is important to remember that even if you feel this visit is too hard, your loved one is probably more nervous than you are.

Your support, effort and love is what they need to stay positive and focus on their rehabilitation.

Extended Family Visit Cell in Aranjuez
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As a prisoner’s daughter, prison sister, prison cousin, prison niece, ex-prison fiance and all around prison loved one, I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that prison visits are key to keeping these foundations solid. This is especially true when it comes to extended family visits.

Not everyone has the option, or privilege, of having extended family visits with their incarcerated loved ones. For one, only a handful of state prisons allow extended family visits, and federal prisons are totally against them altogether.                 

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