Cousins Dajuan and Ameera Prison Visit to Calipatria (CSP)

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Prison Rideshare Network is an online prison news source reporting stories daily about the subjects that interest you. These are just some of the major categories and topics we cover related to online prison news:

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Prison Rideshare Network News Team

Here on, we report timely prison news each day, to help you keep up with what’s important to you. These are the people behind our daily news:

Management Team

  • Kiesha Joseph – CEO & Content Manager
  • Heidi Smith – VP & Affiliate Manager
  • Latoya Taffe-Taylor – Executive Assistant
  • Olokodana Bukhari – Content Management Assistant

Editors & News Reporters

These are the editors and writers who currently report timely prison loved ones news for the Prison Rideshare Network online community:

Charles Omedo Charles Omedo has a degree in Mass Communication and a PGD in Digital Communication. He worked as a newspaper/magazine reporter and editor for many years. Now, he writes daily news articles for private clients. Charles has written for US/UK/Canadian/Indian clients on various niches. He currently writes prison news for loved ones of inmates on the Prison Rideshare Network.

Abigael Shem Abigael Shem has eight years of experience in academic, content, research and creative writing, editing and proofreading. Developing any type of content is now an easy task for her. When she's not writing, she enjoys singing, dancing, hiking, traveling and sports, especially football and basketball. Abigael currently writes news for prison loved ones on Prison Rideshare Network.

Daniel Peterson Daniel Peterson is a young professional with diverse experience in content writing and content management. He has a strong blog writing background, and runs his own e-commerce partnership business. Daniel currently writes news articles for prison loved ones on the Prison Rideshare Network.

Tina Karen Tina Karen has been a lifestyle blogger for a while now. As she writes her many blog posts, she makes sure to highlight all the major points of interests rather than only emphasizing the areas she finds preferable. Tina possess a soft voice that comes in handy and enables her to do voice overs. She currently writes news articles for prison loved ones on the Prison Rideshare Network.

Kiesha Joseph Kiesha Joseph is the owner of Content Marketing Geek Corporation. Her company provides white hat, inbound marketing services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, bloggers and authors. Ms. Joseph enjoys swimming, cooking, eating, dancing, and of course writing. Kiesha is currently the managing content editor for Prison Rideshare Network news for inmates' loved ones.

Melissa Knight Melissa Knight has been a freelance writer for over a decade now. In that time, she has covered a plethora of topics. Her focus, though, tends to remain on addiction, natural health, health and nutrition, fitness, the paranormal, demons, finances and more. In addition to her personal blogs, she is also a published author and editor of a rehab placement website. Melissa currently writes news for the Prison Rideshare Network.

Sasha Michaels Sasha Michaels is Political Science graduate. She’s been writing content professionally since high school. Sasha enjoys writing about topics she’s passionate about, including fashion, travel, arts, crafts, makeup, health, jewelry, dieting and more. She currently writes news reports for prison loved ones on Prison Rideshare Network.

Melanie Macinas Melanie Macinas holds a BS degree in Computer Science. She found her passion for writing when she took a content writing position for a BPO company. In 2011, she started her freelancing career as a writer and since then has successfully completed several writing projects for US/UK clients. She now writes news stories for prison loved ones on the Prison Rideshare Network.

Mirza Gil Mirza Gil is a full-time writer interested in everything social and controversial. She loves to drink coffee and watch documentaries about people of the world. Ms. Gil is a driven young professional with a passion for writing. She has collaborated with translating houses for Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. Mirza currently writes prison loved ones news for Prison Rideshare Network.

N. L. Sweeney N. L. Sweeney is an English Creative Writing graduate from Western Washington University. His work has been published by Flash Fiction Magazine, Niteblade, Defenestration Magazine, Jeopardy Magazine and Inroads: Writers in the Community. He currently writes editorials and feature news pieces for Prison Rideshare Network. When Sweeney's not writing, he busies himself with petting furry animals, learning Chinese and making friends in local tea shops.

Renee Patterson Writes Renee Patterson writes prison stories, prison news and famous prisoners' bios. She's a prison daughter, prison sister and prison cousin. Renee has published eBooks about prison wives, prison fiances, prison husbands, prison kids, prison parents and other prison loved ones. She currently writes news for the Prison Rideshare Network related to the injustices within the CDCR prison system.

Heidi Smith Heidi Smith is an avid writer that boasts an array of credits in authoring blogs, articles, and books. She has an extensive experience in online writing and a myriad of expertise in online web development and inbound marketing. Heidi prides herself on delivering well-written content that engages, enlightens, and entertains readers. She's currently an editor for the Prison Rideshare Network news site.

Emmanuel O Emmanuel O considers himself more of an artist than a writer. He loves reading and writing poetry and fiction, but on other days, he makes music. Emmanuel has written on diverse topics for many websites and is the author of three books his own. Currently, he's a news reporter for loved ones of incarcerated people for Prison Rideshare Network.

Joseph Ogolla Joseph Ogolla is a trained journalist who is very passionate about web content and news writing. He has spent the last five years working as a dedicated, professional freelance writer. Joseph writes website content, blog posts, magazine articles, news stories, press releases, product descriptions and, of course, prison news for Prison Rideshare Network. When Joseph is not writing content, he enjoys simply relaxing and listening to music.

Merri Wong Merri Wong has had an interest in law and social studies since her early days in life. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies, and currently works as a freelance writer. Her writing portfolio includes numerous topics from reviews to relationships, from mental health to marriage. Merri currently helps report the news for Prison Rideshare Network.

Colvin Colvin Nyakundi is a freelance writer and blogger with interest in current affairs, travelling, real estate, health, technology, lifestyle and anything that makes life easier, better and more enjoyable. He holds a BSc Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and has co-authored several books. He is passionate about writing and has successfully completed several projects since he started professional writing in 2012. He currently writes news reports for Prison Rideshare Network.

Jorge Flores Jorge Flores is a part-time writer with a wide array of interests ranging from physics to football and of course, prison news. His near unboundless curiosity and his love for people are two qualities you can see in his writing. Jorge currently writes news reports for prison loved ones on Prison Rideshare Network. When not writing, he loves to play football and read.

Jo Ellis Jo Ellis is a content marketing freelancer who writes articles about social justice. Because of her strong interest in social entrepreneurship, she also pens descriptions to help blind people access film and television. The writer has also worked with community radio stations in her local area. Jo takes pride in her graphic design skills, while writing prison news stories for Prison Rideshare Network.

Heather Kay Heather Kay is a NorCal native who bloomed later in life. After finishing her journalism degree, her adventures took her across the pond to travel around Europe. She hopes to settle there someday and write about food and cultures. No matter where she is, she looks for taco ingredients; it reminds her of her family and home. She is a writer with several blogs, published articles and is currently an editor for the Prison Rideshare Network.

Riley Wharton Riley Wharton is a freelance writer who enjoys penning about a variety of topics. She likes writing for blogs and news outlets about issues of social justice and advocacy. Riley also enjoys writing about pop culture. The freelancer received both her Bachelor's and Master's from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She loves the mission of Prison Rideshare Network and wants others to be inspired by her prison news and blog writing.

Angelique Killebrew Angelique is a freelance writer with an emphasis on all things lifestyle, health and wellness. She enjoys helping families find solutions to their everyday problems. The freelancer spends her days crafting engaging content, working on DIY projects and making every moment count with her family. She currently reports prison news for Prison Rideshare Network.

Tiffany M Arnold As a little girl Tiffany M Arnold displayed a creative spirit. She truly believes writing is her form of art to foster conversations that positively impact the world. Tiffany loves to express herself through stories that make you think beyond the pages, beyond the book and within yourself. She hopes, in every story there is a message for someone. Ms. Arnold currently reports prison news for PRN online.

Prison Rideshare Network This is a GUEST POST. Prison Rideshare Network accepts guest blog posts from blogger who care. If your brand or niche compliments our prison news site, send us your topic pitches. We'll be happy to take a look. And, if it's hot, awesome content, we'll publish it here on our site.

Daniel Acosta Daniel Acosta is a writer/editor with a B.A. in English. His interest in fiction came from books like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Giver and his favorite, The Outsiders. He has a strong belief in objective thinking, and writes short stories with fellow creative writers in his free time. Daniel currently writes and edits articles for Prison Rideshare Network.

Jodi Mai Jodi Mai is an experienced freelance writer with a strong Human Resources background. She is originally from the West Coast, but has lived in Atlanta, GA since graduating from the University of Oregon in 1994. Jodi is married to a professional editor, who is her strongest critic and greatest supporter. She currently reports news for Prison Rideshare Network.

Tami Dixon Tami Dixon is an affiliate of Content Marketing Geek. She writes prison news for Prison Rideshare Network, reporting on issues related to injustices, families and other news related to the correctional system in America. When she's not writing content, Tami enjoys relaxing and spending time with her husband and kids.

Team Members

These are the awesome members of our behind-the-scenes team that help keep things running smoothly for our entire network:

VA - Olokodana Bukhari Olokodana Toyosi is a divergent who tends to divert from the norm while developing in various directions. In mathematics terms, his series of thought increase indefinitely as new ideas are created in his mind. Known to the Prison Rideshare Network team as Toyo, he provides Virtual Assistant services that help keep the news rolling in a timely fashion. When he's not working, Toyo enjoys conforming to absolutely nothing.

Prison Rideshare Network Prison Rideshare Network which helps prison loved ones find rides to visit incarcerated family and friends in the US. PRN also reports timely prison loved ones news to keep you informed on what's happening now as it relates to those supporting them on the outside. Download our new PrisonLifts app for a directory of prison visit transportation companies, carpool partners and ride share programs for facility visitors.

Prison Rideshare Network This is a GUEST POST. Prison Rideshare Network accepts guest blog posts from blogger who care. If your brand or niche compliments our prison news site, send us your topic pitches. We'll be happy to take a look. And, if it's hot, awesome content, we'll publish it here on our site.

Nathalie D Nathalie Desrosiers is a freelance writer and business consultant with over 10 years of sales and administrative experience. She holds a B.A. in Urban Studies & Public Policy from Boston University and has been using her mix of education and life experiences to design websites and write compelling copy, business plans, and biographies for clients around the world. She is currently providing administrative and writing support for the Prison Rideshare Network.

VA - Latoya Taffe-Taylor Latoya Taffe-Taylor is an Administrative Professional with over five years of experience in general administration and Human Resource Management. She holds a B.Sc. from the University of the West Indies, Mona in Human Resource Management, and has provided support to several senior and executive managers. Currently providing administrative support for Prison Rideshare Network, Latoya helps to hold down the fort and keep the community afloat. When she's not managing projects, Latoya enjoys spending quality time with her family.

VA - Shantoya Taylor Shantoya Taylor is one of the dedicated virtual assistants for Content Marketing Geek. She provides online data entry services for Prison Rideshare Network. Her current project includes researching and connecting with prison visitor transportation companies and prison carpool services. When Shantoya is not working for PRN, she enjoys simply relaxing and enjoying life.

Latoya Scott LaToya Scott has been a Virtual Professional for 10 years for various brands, including Content Marketing Geek. From general admin tasks to creative projects, she's done it all. Currently, LaToya provides Virtual Recruiting Services for the Prison Rideshare Network.

What Is Prison Rideshare Network

Other than reporting prison news, PRN also brings people together to help them connect with rides to prisons in the U.S. This is done via:

  • Business Directory – Find prison visitor transportation companies in your state that provide prison rides to the facilities you wish to visit
  • Prison Carpool Services – Coming Soon – Use our web and mobile PrisonLift app to find others near you going to your prison so you can carpool with them

Are you a prison visitor ride provider? Does your company provide transportation to prisons in the US?

Add Your Free Business Listing Here

Our Missions

Our news mission is to keep our audience up-to-date with daily prison news happening all across the country.

Our social mission is to connect those looking for rides to prisons with businesses and carpool partners to get them there.

Our ultimate mission is to build our non-profit brand into a network that actually provides prison visitor transportation services. We hope to someday ensure that all Forgotten Victims of Crime AKA Children with Incarcerated Parents have access to prison rides to visit their locked up mothers and fathers monthly… FREE OF CHARGE.

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Founder & CEO Kiesha Joseph

Prison Rideshare Network was founded by Kiesha Joseph in January 2010 to fulfill her own personal need to find carpool partners to ride with her to prisons. At the time, she had four loved ones in California’s CDCR facilities. She was looking for people to take the long rides with her, while splitting the traveling costs.

Kiesha will tell you in a heartbeat that she’s an advocate for prison loved ones… not the prisoners themselves.

Ms. Joseph was asked why she believed the world was in need for a network created specifically for helping prison loved ones find transportation to prisons. Her response:

“When PRN was launched more than five years ago, the goal was simply to create a network for myself to visit my own loved ones in two CDCR prisons: CIW and ASP. Once I realized that very few such resources existed, I started my own network. And, that’s when the Prison Rideshare Network was born.

In the beginning, I’d rent a car or a multi-passenger van to transport those who purchased tickets to CIW or ASP. After a while, that became too overwhelming for me. So, I just started a Prison Rideshare Network Facebook Page and allowed people to hook up with each other there.

But, the dream of creating a website where prison visitors can network more efficiently to find carpool partners, ride share programs, transportation services and other rides to prisons never left my thoughts.”

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