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Advertising on Prisonrideshare is a unique opportunity to reach a vastly unique  audience in a creative and compelling way.

We present your brand’s message in a bigger, bolder and more beautiful way than any other online platform.

We can supply custom banners and offer an array of premium spots on our website that gets you noticed.

With more exposure, your online presence, revenue, and brand notoriety will soar!

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Prison Rideshare Network Banner
Prison Rideshare Network Banner

The Benefits of Advertising With Us

Cost Efficiency

Advertising on the Internet is much more cost-efficient than using traditional mass market and niche media. Internet ads can be viewed by millions of people while being displayed all day and night, while television or radio ads generally last less than two minutes and are shown a limited number of times per day. Cooperative advertising arrangements such as banner and link swaps can be completely free, allowing you to reach large audiences with no expense.

Using a high PR and authorative website like PRS (Prison Ride Share) can help you to realize even more significant cost savings, since ads can be placed for a single, flat fee.


Target Marketing

Market segmentation and target marketing are more effective on the Internet than any other advertising medium. Strategically placed Web advertisements can achieve 100-percent relevant views. Consider, for example, an advertisement for a new video game placed on a video game-oriented website. Virtually every visitor to the website will be a video game enthusiast, maximizing the impact of the advertising exposure.

This is the same for the Prison News & information industry.


Interactivity and Feedback

The Internet facilitates true two-way communication in advertising messages. By placing interactive ads on the Internet, marketers can use surveys, comments and usage statistics to fine-tune their campaigns midstream and maximize their effectiveness.

Linking online advertisements to social networking outlets can enhance the communication between your company and your customers even further, allowing you to receive genuine feedback on a consistent basis.


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