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Arkansas Prison Inmate Serving Time for Manslaughter Murdered In Prison

An Arkansas prison inmate who was serving time for manslaughter has been killed in prison following a fight. Twenty-five-year-old John Demoret was attacked in his bunker and subsequently died in hospital.

James BuyardTwenty-four-year-old James Buyard has been charged with killing Demoret. Buyard now faces more years in prison as a result of the incident.

Special Agent Huston Tally of the Arkansas State Police filed an affidavit of the incident. This was deposed to by Kyle Hunter, prosecutor for Jefferson and Lincoln counties.

According to the affidavit, security cameras showed that a fight broke out at the Tucker Unit where both Demoret and Buyard among others were housed.


Arkansas Prison Inmate Buyard Insists He Killed Demoret in Self-Defense

The fight occurred between Demoret and Deon Williams, another inmate whom Demoret cut with a shard of glass. Joshua Thomas came to the defense of Williams before other inmates separated them all.

Demoret and Deon WilliamsDemoret then returned to his bunk before Buyard came up to him and hit him, causing Demoret to slump to the floor.

The unconscious Demoret was rushed to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He was afterwards moved to the health center for the prison facility at Ouachita River Unit in Malvern. He was ultimately moved to the Baptist Health Medical Center in Malvern where he died, nearly two weeks after the fight.

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Buyard will be charged with homicide. But he insists he acted in self-defense.

Buyard Will Be Arraigned Between November and December

The deceased Demoret shot a man dead after an argument in 2012 and charged to 10 years imprisonment. Buyard on the other hand is serving a sentence for drugs, burglary and theft. He could be given up to 30 years additional sentence for being a habitual offender.

Buyard had earlier been paroled last year and only returned to prison June. He was being considered for further parole before this incident occurred.

Prosecuting attorney Kyle Hunter disclosed Williams and Thomas who engaged the deceased Demoret in a fight might not be charged with his resultant death. Buyard however faces a homicide charge, and may be arraigned for the crime before the end of this year.


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