Shasta Groene at age 8 in 2005 (left) and today (right).
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Author Shasta Groene Plans Prison Visit with Man Who Raped Her at 8 (Video)

The victim of a serial rapist and murderer, Shasta Groene, is writing and book and planning to meet her rapist and family murderer in prison. But, why?

Who is Shasta Groene?

Shasta Groene at age 8 in 2005 (left) and today (right).
Shasta Groene at age 8 in 2005 (left) and today (right). Image Source: InTouch Weekly

Shasta Groene, the lone survivor of a bloody family murder is writing a book. In 2005, the family of Groene was attacked and her mother Brenda Groene was murdered.

Brenda’s boyfriend and one of her three children were also killed. Groene and her brother Dylan were kidnapped and sexually molested for several months.

The murderer was infamous and now-famous prisoner Joseph Duncan. He ultimately killed Dylan and continued to sexually molest Groene, who was only eight years old at the time of the kidnapping.

Shasta Groene Writes Book About Being Kidnapped & Raped at 8 Years Old

The police rescued Groene one day when her captor took her outside his home to town. He was arrested and now serving time in prison.

Groene is now 21 years old with two kids of her own. She has set her mind to write a book documenting how her family was murdered and she was constantly raped at just eight years old.

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The Family of Shasta Groene
The Family of Shasta Groene. Image Source: YouTube

She also plans to visit Duncan, her kidnapper, rapist and family murderer, in prison after publishing the book.

But Groene has help writing the book. She connected with Jamie Sedlmayer, a local writer, some years ago online. They are now friends and have almost become family.

As soon as Groene told Sedlmayer she wanted to write a book detailing her life experiences, the latter agreed with her and offered to help.

The ultimate purpose is to use the book to send a clear message to both Duncan and the whole world.

Video: Shasta Groene Writes Book About Horrific Crimes Committed Against Her & Family When She Was Just 8

Joseph Duncan not only kidnapped and raped Groene, he did the same to her brother, eventually killing him. She tried for years to block out the memories of the ordeal. Now, she’s writing a book to help with her own healing process.

Writing a Book and Meeting Rapist in Prison Is All Part of Healing Process for Groene

Sedlmayer agreed to Groene writing the book because she believes it would heal her of her past. Groene had been hurting from her past for years and tried in vain to block out the horrible memories of what she passed through at the hands of Duncan.

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In fact, Sedlmayer thinks that writing the book would heal Groene of her past and also serve to empower others in her shoes.


The duo hopes to have the book published and in the market by October, and they have launched a fundraiser online to fund publishing the book. A fundraiser would give Groene power over book instead of putting the power in the hands of traditional publishers.

Apart from the book, Groene also aims to visit Duncan in prison and to make a documentary of the encounter.

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