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Ahmed Mohamed was a 14 year old boy in Texas when he was arrested for bringing a clock to school that administrators mistook for a bomb.
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The Lives of 4 Teens Incarcerated: Accepting Their Fates While Behind Bars

Detained juveniles are often scared kids who feel they were never heard or supported by their families. These ‘villains’ can be victims, who repeat the cycles of incarceration as they head towards adulthood. Even so, they’ve accepted their fates while in jail. This is the stories of four incarcerated youth living their lives behind bars. 4 Read More…

Wakeshia Wilson was found dead in her Los Angeles jail cell. Her loved ones do NOT believe it was suicide.
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Wakeisha Wilson’s Family Challenges LAPD Over Her Questionable Death (Video)

Wakeisha Wilson died in 2016 in police custody. Initially, her death was ruled as suicide. Her family and the Black Lives Matter Los Angeles members rejected Wilson had committed suicide while in custody. A meeting at the LAPD turned ugly when Wilson’s aunt threw her cremated ashes at the Police Chief, so she can “stay Read More…

Mass Incarceration Private Prisons

Are Private Prisons Responsible for Creating Mass Incarceration in America?

In the justice system today, private prisons are one of the most controversial areas talked about today. Privately owned prisons seemed to have no future when the Obama Administration asked the Bureau of Prisons not to rely on them. Luckily for the private investors, the Trump Administration has found a way to increase incarcerations, making it a Read More…

In Loving Memory of Sandra Bland SayHerName
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Sandra Bland’s Death Video: More Questions Than Answers [Watch]

#SayHerName: Sandra Bland hung herself while in police custody. Three years later, her family is questioning the circumstances surrounding her death in an exclusive clip from the upcoming HBO documentary, Say Her Name: The Death and Life of Sandra Bland. About the Video Footage: Sandra Bland Dead in Her Jail Cell The Bland family took Read More…

Children with incarcerated parents are often referred to as 'Forgotten Victims of Crime' or 'Orphans of Justice'
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What to Expect from the National Children of Incarcerated Parents Conference

Many prison kids in the US and around the world have to grow up with incarcerated parents. Societal stigma and personal shame are some of the challenges these Forgotten Victims of Crimes must deal with on a daily basis. Attendees of the National Children of Incarcerated Parents Conference hope to address these issues. On April Read More…

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Second Chance Program: Changing the Lives of KC Offenders Re-Entering Society

Every year over 4,000 offenders re-enter Kansas City metropolitan area from various prisons. Many of these inmates have very little hope of finding food, good housing and employment opportunities on their own. So they tend to go back to crime to make ends meet. Second Chance helps these ex-inmates re-enter society prepared to take on the Read More…

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The Plea for California to Pass the Equity & Justice Package

Incarceration would be reformed in California if the Equity and Justice package is passed. The state legislators were urged by over 50 people to consider passing the three legislative bills. It would be fair enough for the incarcerated and their families regarding sentences dished out. The Hearing and Testimonials to Pass the Equity and Justice Read More…