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An image of Michael Eddings holding his son when he was still alive.
Latest News Prison Suicides & Deaths

Prisoner Dies in Alabama Prison: Family Cries Foul Over Medical Care

On 24th September, Michael Eddings died of meningitis in the Ventress Prison in Southeast Alabama. Eddings was serving a life sentence for murder On the 24th of September, an inmate died in a full and overcrowded Ventress Prison in Southeast Alabama. Michael Eddings, 45, died of meningitis, a disease that involves the spinal cord and Read More…

Two CDCR inmates attempting to extinguish flames in the midsts of a California wildfire.
Breaking News Life After Release Prison Labor

Licensing Requirements Prevent CDCR Firefighters From Jobs

Many firefighting departments require an EMT license before hiring. Many ex-CDCR firefighters are denied the EMT license because they have a felony record. Many cities and county firefighting jobs require an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) License before hiring. The licenses provide better pay grade tickets. Many of California’s volunteer firefighters, once out of prison, cannot Read More…

Volunteers for The FIRST 72+ outside of their building.
After Release Programs Latest News Life After Release

First 72+: Program Provides Former Inmates with Hope & Homes

The First 72+ program helps ex-offenders re-enter society successfully. The Lousiana program provides ex-inmates with a transitional housing and resources. Many individuals leave prison after incarceration for long periods usually have no place to call home. They have nowhere to go or live. Maybe their families left the places they used to stay. In fact, Read More…

Different booths set up by different employers at the Southeast Wisconsin Reentry Employment Expo.
After Release Programs Latest News Life After Release

Re-Entry Employment Expo: Helping Former Inmates Secure Jobs

Southeast Wisconsin Re-entry Employment Expo was held in October. The purpose of the Expo is to help reduce redivicism by assisting ex-inmates find jobs. Southeast Wisconsin Re-entry Employment Expo was held on Tuesday the 2nd of October. The expo took place at the Horizon Center at Gateway Technical College located on 4940 88th Avenue in Read More…

Bill Cosby being escorted in handcuffs by two police officers.
Breaking News Famous Prisoners Series

Cosby’s New Friends in the SCI Phoenix Prison Facility

Cosby has been in prison one week. The prison staff seem to have become his new friends. He is adjusting to life in prison, with the aid of a guide. It’s barely a week since Bill Cosby was sent to prison in the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution Phoenix in Schwenksville. The relationship between the 81-year Read More…

An image of Andrew Leighton during his trial, where he plead guilty to shooting his mother to death.
Latest News Prison Suicides & Deaths

Another Prison Inmate Dies While Incarcerated in a Maine Prison

Andrew Leighton, died in Maine prison. The 51-year-old was serving his sentence for killing his mother. He should have been in a mental institution instead. Andrew Leighton died on Monday, the 1st of October in Maine state prison located in Warren. The death was announced by Joseph Fitzpatrick, the Department of Corrections commissioner on Monday Read More…

A correctional officer watching over many inmates eating lunch behind bars.
Latest News Prison Overcrowding Prison Reforms

Prison Population Cuts Necessary in Overcrowded Arkansas Prisons

Jared Henderson, a gubernatorial candidate, has proposed a 20% decrease in the Arkansas State prison population over the next eight years. Overcrowding is one of the major challenges facing our prison system. With such high rates of mass incarceration, many prisons across the country are full and overcrowded. Overcrowding in the Women’s Huron Valley Facility Read More…

Two women and two kids outside the wire fence of the St Louis Medium Security Institution (unkindly nicknamed The Workhouse).
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St Louis Medium Security Institution: A Hopeless Place for the Innocent

St Louis Medium Security Institution is famously known as the Workhouse. A modern-day debtor’s prison for the innocent that needs to be closed. In St. Louis, the Medium Security Institution is famously known as the “Workhouse”. It is beyond a hopeless place and needs to be closed down. Organizers, the formerly incarcerated and lawyers continue Read More…