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Hurricane Harvey Leaves Beaumont Prisoners Stranded, Limited Communication with No Outside Support in 2017.
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Hurricane Florence: Prison Advocates File Lawsuit to Force Evacuations

South Carolina prison officials are not allowing inmates to evacuate two of its state prisons in the wake of Hurricane Florence. An advocacy group is fuming about it, filing a federal lawsuit to get prisoners to safety. Wednesday, Nexus Derechos Humanos Attorneys Inc. filed a 15-page legal complaint regarding the situation. The reports says that about Read More…

During Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of inmates were abandoned and left for dead by the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Department.
Latest News Prison Riots, Strikes, Evacuations

SCDOC Makes Hundreds of Prisoners Suffer Through Hurricane Florence

The county surrounding MacDougall Correctional Facility is currently under a mandatory evacuation. This is due to the Category 4 Hurricane Florence headed that way. However, South Carolina DOC officials have no intentions on moving its inmates to safer facilities. Are SC Inmates in Danger of Hurricane Florence? Currently, more than 650 South Carolina prison inmates are being held Read More…

Elizabth Smart's Kidnapper Wanda Barzee to be set free next week.
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Update on Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnappers: Is Wanda Barzee Headed Home?

On June 5, 2002, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City, Utah home. One perpetrator, Brian David Mitchell, was sentenced to life in federal prison. The other, Wanda Barzee, will soon be released. Wanda was scheduled to be released from prison in another five years. However, the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole decided Read More…

BOP Reentry Program Inmate Goes Over Services & Rules
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Community-Based Prison Program: A Prison Daughter’s New Journey

Today, I celebrate my 48th birthday. It’s a bittersweet birthday because my mother is still a CDCR prison inmate. However, she’s been transferred to a new facility, a community-based prison program for women offenders. My mother is now in CCTRP, a community-based prison program that allows women to serve the remainder of their time outside Read More…

#LetItFlow Social Campaign for Incarcerated Women: Christy Chavis
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#LetItFlow Leads Social Movement to Treat Incarcerated Women with Dignity

#LetItFlow launched a campaign that left one Arizona Republican blushing in his boots. Now, along with help from #cut50, this social movement is inspiring real prison reform for women inmates. Prison advocates have been buzzing loud about the way women are treated in prisons. They believe women inmates are stripped of basic human dignities, sparking Read More…

Hunger Strike Handbook
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Prison Workers Committee Calls for Action Against GEO Group’s NWDC

More than 200 inmates at Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, Washington began a hunger strike on August 21. They also ceased all prison labor as part of the nationwide prison strike of 2018. Prisoners at NWDC have already gone on three hunger strikes so far this year alone. GEO Group, a FOR PROFIT private Read More…

Angola Prison: Arkansas uses FORCED, unpaid labor to thrive.
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US Inmates Strike for Fair Wages: Authorities Downplay Nationwide Impact

Who can we actually count on when it comes to prison reform? Congress just doesn’t seem to get it. All federal efforts to make changes toward reform continuously fail. And, the states don’t seem to want to act fast enough, coming up with one excuse after the next for getting things going. However, there is Read More…

California Institution for Men, Chino, CA. August 2009 riot aftermath
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Does Phasing Out CDCR Sensitive Needs Yards Really Help the System?

Back in the late 1990s, CDCR started identifying what they called vulnerable prisoners. They created Sensitive Needs Yards to provide them with protective housing units in early 2002. Then, the Associated Press published its findings on these yards. They found that they’d developed underlying problems that led the inmate homicide rate in California prisons to Read More…

CDCR inmate firefighters fighting out-of-control wildfires that are extremely close to them.
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CDCR Inmates Fight Wildfires for Pennies… Will They Come Home to Jobs?

California prison inmates are fighting out-of-control wildfires for a measly $1 per hour. Yet, CDCR promises to offer them NO help finding jobs when they get out. Let’s be clear. $1 per hour may sound like pennies to those of us on the outside. But, in a prison system where inmates generally make anywhere between Read More…