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Is Nutraloaf and other prison food cruel and unusual punishment?
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How Much Would You Pay to Eat ‘Orange is the New Black’ Prison Food?

How much would you pay to eat prison food at an actual restaurant? Well, a Singapore restaurant has been wondering just that. So, it’s owners decided to test it out. They’re turning Orange is the New Black, America’s “favorite show to binge watch” into a place where diners can sit down… and binge eat. This Read More…

The Martin Sheen production Hard Evidence: O.J. Is Innocent reveals O.J. son, Jason Simpson, as the true killer of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman.
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Famous Prisoners: O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It

Famous Prisoners Series – Who really murdered Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman on the fateful night of June 12, 1994? Well, according to ex-LAPD cop and old friend of O.J. Simpson, Ron Shipp, The Juice is the true killer. But, according to Texas private investigator, William C. Dear: “O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove Read More…

PACT Video: Kids Visiting Parents in Prison
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PACT Video: Kids Visiting Prison, It Impacts All

Moving video. This is why Prison Rideshare Network, is trying so hard to raise funds to launch our new site, We understand how important it is for these children to have local prison transportation services available to visit their parents in children. If we can raise the capital we need, we can relaunch our Read More…

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California Prisoners Started Moving to County Jails

In response to a ruling by the Supreme Court, CDCR (California prisons) began moving low-level California prisoners from state prisons to county jails. This is one of the prison reform ideas that California Governor Jerry Brown came up with to decrease the state inmate population. The Supreme Court ordered that the overcrowded conditions be decreased Read More…