Emmanuel O considers himself more of an artist than a writer. He loves reading and writing poetry and fiction, but on other days, he makes music. Emmanuel has written on diverse topics for many websites and is the author of three books his own. Currently, he's a news reporter for loved ones of incarcerated people for Prison Rideshare Network.
Keeping in Touch Prison Phone Calls

Inmates in Northern Illinois County Jail to have Access to Tablets

ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) — Prisoners housed at the Northern Illinois jail will get tablets that will function as a phone and for permitted classes. According to reports from the Rockford Register Star, the tablets will be completely functional on Tuesday at the Winnebago County Jail. The tablets won’t have internet browsing features, social media platforms, Read More…

Famous Prisoners Series

RHONJ’s Joe Giudice is Being Transferred from New Jersey to a Pennsylvania Prison

Joe Giudice, who became famous on The Real House Wives of New jersey, will be transferred to another state to continue his prison sentence. Joe is currently serving his sentence at the Federal Correctional institution at Fort Dix, New Jersey and will be transferred to the prison in Allenwood, Pennsylvania based on the documents filed Read More…

Shaka Senghor Oprah
After Release Programs Prison TV, Series, Movies, Games Recidivism in the US

New Docu-Series ‘Released’ Explores Challenges of Life After Incarceration

The concept was familiar and yet weird for many in the most recent episode of “Released”– seeing a black man leave the prison after long period of incarceration meet his family and friends before going on to face his new life. This entire episode was captured by a waiting camera crew for the television. It Read More…

Prison Suicides & Deaths

State Police Investigating Death of 42-year-old Female Inmate in County Jail

COLUMBUS, Ind. – Following the demise of a 42-year-old female inmate last weekend at the Bartholomew County Jail, the Indiana State Police has launched a full-scale investigation. Referring to the prior reports of investigation, the public information officer for the State Police Versailles Post, Sgt. Stephen said that the attention of a jail staff in Read More…

Video Conferencing
Prison Love Prison Wives/Girlfriends

Technical Error in Lawsuit Limits the Hope of Nebraska Prison Inmates Video Conferencing Marriage

Inmates who wished to have a wedding through video conferencing in Nebraska Prison have just received a setback following Nebraska Supreme Court’s ruling. The inmates, Paul Gillpatrick and Niccole Wetherell are both serving murder sentences in different facilities, and had managed to get their marriage request accepted in a lower court. This decision was however Read More…

Scene from OWN Docuseries 'Released'
Mass Incarceration

New Docuseries ‘Released’ Explains How Mass Incarceration Effects Black Families

Oprah Winfrey is illuminating the damaging aftermath of mass incarceration on Black families in a new OWN docuseries entitled, “Released.” She’s teamed up with ex-inmate Shaka Senghor, who became an author and motivational speaker after her own release from prison. The Team Behind the OWN Docuseries ‘Released’ The OWN docuseries revolves around six men and women who Read More…

Without contact visits, prison becomes a lonely place for inmates.
Prison Visits & Issues

Report: Contact Visits Help Appease Taxpayers & Keep Communities Safe

Maine Department of Corrections announced its intention to eliminate the existing policy of allowing contact visits in county jails. The Maine DOC has not taken any significant steps jails going against policy which allows in-person visits every two weeks. County jails have continue to disobey the policy. Contrary to their belief, changing the prison visits Read More…

Prison Fellowship Academy Celebrates 15 Years of Fighting Recidivism
Recidivism in the US Videos & Audios

Prison Fellowship Academy Successfully Beating Cycle of Re-Incarceration (Video)

MINNEAPOLIS  – Prison Fellowship Academy is a prison program founded on faith. It celebrates 15 years of successfully reducing the chances of re-offending among inmates. This is their effort to fight recidivism. Through aid and backing of community mentors, Prison Fellowship Academy at Lino Lake have helped bring inmates to the understanding that their lives and Read More…

Mecklenburg County Jail ends in-person visits, causing prisoners and their supporters to protest.
Prison Visits & Issues

Inmates & Prison Loved Ones Protest: Mecklenburg County Jail Ends In-Person Visits

On September 23, 2016, hundreds of protesters marching through the streets of Uptown Charlotte stopped outside of the Mecklenburg County Jail on East 4th Street. They were there to show solidarity in protest after Mecklenburg ends in-person jail visits. As some inmates inside flicked their lights on and off in recognition, the protesters chanted: “We Read More…

Prison Suicides & Deaths

Experts Suggest Money is the Key to Tackling Prison Suicides

Two weeks ago, The Guardian published a news report related to tackling prison suicides. It’s author, Mary O’Hara suggests that the problem is related to an overcrowded, underfunded penal system. This makes it impossible to deal with mental health issues, causing the prison suicide rate to soar in the United States. The Suicide of Alabama Read More…