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Meek Mill Enjoying Life
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Meek Mill Released from Prison; Becomes New Voice for Reform

After being sentenced to four years in prison for violating his probation for a conviction from 2008, Meek Mill has been released by order of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Activists for prison reform are calling the sentencing excessive and unjust. He has received support from the celebrity community. Meek Mill’s Live Interview with CBS Robert Read More…

Bad Prison COs Prison Riots

Arizona Correctional Officers Face Criminal Charges After Prison Riot

A report released by the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) shows causes of the recent riot were due to the beliefs that correctional officers used excessive force on an inmate. The COs in question have been suspended and removed from their positions. All are facing criminal prosecution by Yuma County’s District Attorney’s office. The final Read More…

Smuggled cellphone captures prison fire set in cell during riot at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina.
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Video Shows South Carolina Inmates Setting Fire in Secured Prison Cell

A video has gone viral showing smoke from a fire reportedly set on Tuesday by inmates at Lee Correctional Institution. This comes just weeks after a deadly riots broke out causing the deaths of several inmates at the maximum security prison in South Carolina. According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, the inmates set fire Read More…

Wentworth Women's Prison Season 3
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Wentworth Women’s Prison Series Continues to Address Gender Politics

ABC issued a press release in early March publicizing that Wentworth, the popular Australian women’s prison drama, would unveil its free-to-air first appearance on April 12. The much anticipated Foxtel drama has become known globally. But, it’s the gritty drama’s ability to touch on gender politics that makes it so profound. About Wentworth: Australia’s Gritty Read More…

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North Carolina Prisons To Review Restraint Policy On Pregnant Inmates

Prisons in North Carolina will not allow the use of hand or leg restraints on expectant convicts following the complaint that two pregnant women were handcuffed on a hospital bed during childbirth. SisterSong promotes reproductive rights for the women of color.       New Policy for Pregnant Inmates Signed By Authorities The policy signed Read More…

Montana Rejects CoreCivic Offer
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Private Prison Company CoreCivic Negotiations with Montana DOC Stalled

Montana Department of Corrections and CoreCivic are at a stalemate in discussions. This comes just about a year before the expiration of the contract of the private prison company to run Crossroads Correctional Center, causing the state to buy the 550-bed Shelby prison. Villa said on Thursday that the state presented two offers and banned the Read More…

Lakeith Smith
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Teen Gets 65 Years in Prison After Turning Down Plea Deal For 25 Years

A teenager who was tried on Thursday as an adult was sent to 65 years in prison instead of 25 under Alabama’s accomplice liability law after discarding an earlier plea that recommended 25 years. The Case of Lakeith Smith In March, the Montgomery resident Lakeith Smith who is now 18 was convicted of felony murder, burglary and Read More…

Hunger Strikes Prison System Issues

Washington State Prisoners Hold Hunger Strike To Protest Poor Food Quality

Prison officials have reported that inmates started a hunger strike at the Washington State Penitentiary. According to the public information officer of the Penitentiary, Allison Window, about 800 prisoners from five units did not turn up for lunch on Sunday. They are protesting the bad quality of the facility’s food. Washington State Penitentiary Hunger Strike Washington state Read More…

Pregnant While Incarcerated
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ICE Justifies Detaining Pregnant Women In U.S. Immigration Jails

In a significant shift in the agency’s stated policies, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said they will have no problems anymore when it comes to detaining pregnant women in its immigration jails. ICE justified the change citing that President Donald Trump’s executive order on required stricter implementation policies. This relates to the internal Read More…