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Sexual offender and elderly inmate Jerry Riddle's mugshot.
Compassionate Release Latest News

Sentenced at 79… Should Compassionate Release Be an Option?

An 79-year-old man was sentenced to 30 years in prison last week for two counts of assaulting a minor. Does this elderly deserve compassionate release? One week ago, 79-year-old Jerry Riddle, was sentenced to 30 years in Illinois prison for two counts of sexually assaulting a child younger than 13 years old. While the crime is Read More…

Saundra Adams Cares for Her Grandson Chancellor Full-Time. He Has Cerebral Palsy Thanks to His Father Rae Carruth.
Famous Prisoners Series Videos & Audios

Famous Prisoners: Where Are Cherica Adams’ Killers Now?

Rae Carruth was released from prison after serving 18 years for the murder of Cherica Adams. He didn’t act alone. So, where are the rest of her killers now? After spending more than 18 years behind bars for conspiring to pregnant kill his girlfriend, Rae Carruth was released from the Sampson County Correction Facility in Read More…

Solitary Confinement Cell: Inside the Box
Breaking News Solitary Confinement

Architects Debate Over Building Solitary Confinement Units in US Prisons

The prison industry is worth billions of dollars in America. Architects who build and design prisons feel that one aspect of their job is not right: solitary confinement cells As lucrative as these facilities are, a vast number of American architects have expressed a strong will to abandon solitary confinement cells altogether. American Architects Call for Read More…

Juvenile Offenders and Corrections Officers during a violent incident at Horizon Juvenile Detention Center in New York.
Latest News Mass Incarceration School to Prison Pipeline

New Safety Reforms Are Necessary At Horizon Juvenile Center

Teens transferred from Rikers Island to Horizon Juvenile Center are met with worst conditions. Fights erupted injuring 40 correction officers. The news was released that 40 prison officers were injured at the Horizon Juvenile Center in the South Bronx. This indicates an obvious need for a better solution to mend the state of the facility. Read More…

Bad Prison COs Prison Riots, Strikes, Evacuations

Arizona Correctional Officers Face Criminal Charges After Prison Riot

A report released by the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) shows causes of the recent riot were due to the beliefs that correctional officers used excessive force on an inmate. The COs in question have been suspended and removed from their positions. All are facing criminal prosecution by Yuma County’s District Attorney’s office. The final Read More…

Smuggled cellphone captures prison fire set in cell during riot at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina.
Prison Riots, Strikes, Evacuations Videos & Audios

Video Shows South Carolina Inmates Setting Fire in Secured Prison Cell

A video has gone viral showing smoke from a fire reportedly set on Tuesday by inmates at Lee Correctional Institution. This comes just weeks after a deadly riots broke out causing the deaths of several inmates at the maximum security prison in South Carolina. According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, the inmates set fire Read More…

Wentworth Women's Prison Season 3

Wentworth Women’s Prison Series Continues to Address Gender Politics

ABC issued a press release in early March publicizing that Wentworth, the popular Australian women’s prison drama, would unveil its free-to-air first appearance on April 12. The much anticipated Foxtel drama has become known globally. But, it’s the gritty drama’s ability to touch on gender politics that makes it so profound. About Wentworth: Australia’s Gritty Read More…