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Colorado prisons
Prison System Issues

Colorado DOC Could Be Changing the “Secret Prison System”

Some of Colorado prison’s most violent and notorious criminals’ locations are kept from the victims of their crimes, but now the Department of Corrections is considering changing this policy on the secret priron system. DOC’s Executive Director Rick Raemisch recently said in an interview that if he is given the task of keeping someone alive, […]

Ormistan family charities
Prison Visits & Issues

LAT and Ormiston Families Charity to Partner to Provide Family Services to Lincoln Prison

HMP Lincoln to partner with a top family charity, Ormiston Families Charity to provide more than a few services to inmates and families of inmates. As one of three prisons, Lincoln has paired up with the Lincolnshire Action Trust in what has been said to be a pleasing partnership. Once the partnership is complete, the […]

Prison Suicides & Deaths

Bexar County Medical Examiner Identifies Man Found Dead on Monday

The Bexar County Medical Examiner has identified the man found dead on Monday as 53-year-old Terry Fox.  According to authorities, Terry Fox was in jail for criminal trespass. He had been arrested on October. 5 of this year. While the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is investigating his death, they have initially said that it looks […]

trooper shot dead
Prison Suicides & Deaths

Inmate Convicted of Killing South Dakota Trooper Found Dead – Accidental Asphyxiation Likely Cause

In the Sioux Falls, South Dakota correctional system, an investigation is being conducted to confirm accidental asphyxiation is indeed the cause of death for inmate Wade Aikins, 54, was found Saturday morning in his cell at the South Dakota State Penitentiary. He was unresponsive. A short statement issued by South Dakota State News stated that […]

Community Programs for Prisoners

Texas Inmates Pool Commissary Money To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

In a dramatic show of compassion, Texas inmates have pooled their commissary money to donate over $53 thousand toward relief for the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey. When Harvey swept through Texas, it left behind $200 billion in damage. The Category 4 hurricane affected thousands, leaving them homeless and without essential resources. According to […]

Video visitation
Prison Visits & Issues

Inmates in Denver Jails See Their Family Only Through Video Calls

Prisoners in Denver’s detention centers haven’t been able to have in person visits with friends and loved ones since 2005. In fact, there isn’t even a plexiglass barrier. The visitation is different here, and inmates and loved ones, even children, have to sit at video terminals in the jail lobby and jail housing area. Nicholas […]