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Vagina Monologues Production at New York's Taconic Correctional Facility
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US Prison Reform: Why Are Incarcerated Women Being Ignored?

Today in U.S. prisons, women are the fastest-growing population. However, the effect this has on their prison families has been extensively disregarded. This was an issue discussed at a New York conference held Wednesday. Steps toward putting into place long-term solutions for women in prisons and their children and families remain too few and far Read More…

Sextortion Pay Me Message
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US Army Soldiers Catfished by Prisoners Behind Bars Posing as Underage Girls

Sextortion is about extorting people. These schemes are popular among criminals, including South Carolina prisoners, who catfished and blackmailed US Army soldiers. According to a search warrant filed in a Charleston, South Carolina Federal Court, soldiers that planned on meeting a woman they assumed was close to their ages. Yet, she was anything but that. Read More…

Bryan Perry died while in custody at Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City. 
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Multiple Deaths in Oregon Jails & Prisons Lead to Lawsuits Against Corizon Health

Imagine the shock of the news of yet another death of an inmate. This makes four in one month in Oregon DOC facilities. Yes, that’s right, just a month! These prisoners’ deaths did not take place at the same OR correctional facilities. However, some have raised eye brows of suspicion to the news. Or, could Read More…

Monica Cosby after spending 20 years in prison talks about how she almost got sent back because she could not get movement to register her address with authorities.
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NPR Report Shows Women Disciplined Harsher Than Men in Prisons

During the conversations between Monica Cosby, Tyteanna Williams and Celia Colon they often reflect on years they spent as inmates at a women’s prison in Illinois. The stories they share frequently turn to the times they would be punished for what seemed like most trivial, even senseless things. Women Prisoners Subjected to Frivolous Punishments Inside Read More…

Rights of an Arrested Person
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Do Prisoners Have Rights? If So, What Are They And Are They Fair?

Oftentimes, most people don’t think of criminals as having any sort of rights once they have committed any type of crime. These rights seem to be abandoned and forgotten because rehabilitation just is not an option. Many inmates are serving sentences for crimes they did not commit. Other inmates are serving inordinate sentences for trivial Read More…

Terry Carter was killed when his friend Suge Knight hit him with a car on the Straight Outta Compton movie set.
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Why Did Suge Knight Get Sentenced to Only 28 Years in Prison?

Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, the man who was acknowledged for bringing gangster rap music into mainstream, has just landed himself a mere 28-year sentence into a California state prison. The ex-rap-tycoon known as Suge Knight is one of the last exemplifying figures of the idolized, yet gory generation of gangster hip-hop. The Legacy of Suge Knight Read More…

A group of four prison inmates that once belonged to rival gangs, and now share each other's company through safely monitored sensitive needs programs at CDCR.
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Protective Housing Units in California Prisons: Are They Any Different From General Population Units?

California began classifying certain assailable prions inmates In the late 1900’s as needing special protective housing created.  As early as 2002, these Special Needs Yards have cared for those inmates.  Over time, these Special Needs Yards developed their own problems, thus pushing California’s prisons inmate homicide rate to a staggering double the national average Slowly Read More…

CDCR Firefighter Shawna Lynn Jones Being Rescued Before Dying at UCLA the Following Day.
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California Prisoners Fight Wildfires for Slave Wages; But, There Are Benefits

Wildfires are currently consuming Northern California. There are more than 2,000 prisoners that are paying back their debts to society by helping fight the fires. On the front lines of the deadliest California wildfire in history, professional firefighters are working alongside prison inmates with one key difference: PAY So how does the program inmate firefighter Read More…

Babies Behind the Bars of Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies
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Raising Babies Behind Bars: A Closer Look at Prison Nursery Program in Illinois

Nationwide, prison nursery programs remain scarce in the US. But 11 states have opened these facilities among the dramatic growth in the number of women in prisons.  A daring experiment in parenting and punishment continues to set off a fierce debate across the nation when it comes to babies in prisons. What Are Prison Nursery Read More…