N. L. Sweeney is an English Creative Writing graduate from Western Washington University. His work has been published by Flash Fiction Magazine, Niteblade, Defenestration Magazine, Jeopardy Magazine and Inroads: Writers in the Community. He currently writes editorials and feature news pieces for Prison Rideshare Network. When Sweeney's not writing, he busies himself with petting furry animals, learning Chinese and making friends in local tea shops.
A noose casting a shadow in front of the shadow of prison bars.
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A Look at Suicide & the Prisoners Who Make Such Choices

Listed as the second leading cause of death for 15-29 year-olds globally, suicide in our communities is a serious health problem. Estimates show that a suicide takes place every minute. For each fatal attempt, there are as many as 20 non-fatal ones. When it comes to suicide, one of the larger at-risk groups is inmates. Read More…

Locked Up & Shipped Away. Interstate Prisoner Transfers and the Private Prison Industry.
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Locked Up & Shipped Away: Prison Transfers & the Ones Who Profit

For those of us with family members on the other side of the bars, prison visits aren’t always easy to make. This is especially true when inmates are shipped off to out-of-state prisons. Stressed relationships, the need for those extra hours of pay, the bureaucracy of the prison itself, and raising a family are all Read More…

Graffiti meant to promote the 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike.
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The Largest Prison Strike Across the Country Revisited

On August 21st, inmates across the country began perhaps one of the largest prison strikes in national history. Spanning 17 prisons and three weeks (ending on September 9th), the strikes aimed at drawing attention. They want to put an immediate end to what they have termed “modern-day slavery.” To drive change, inmates turned to forms Read More…

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Pregnancy in Prisons: Are the Kids Going to Be Okay?

  With many mothers incarcerated, what happens to their children? What happens to the babies after birth? How are the children impacted in the long run? According to experts, of the 112,000 women in federal and state prisons in the United States, 1 in 25 are pregnant. It is no secret that the United States has Read More…

10 Prison Strike Demands
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Prison Strikes Across the Country; The Who, When, Where & Why

To combat the injustices and horrible treatment they receive behind bars, inmates in 17 prisons across the country are participating in what may be one of the largest prison strikes in U.S. history. The mass prison strike is expected to run for three weeks beginning August 21st and ending on September 9th. Inmates will engage Read More…

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Cannabis and Criminals: A Modern Look at the ‘War on Drugs’

The War on Drugs was created in the 70’s to criminalize and discriminate against Black people and hippie anti-war cultures of the era. Trump may repeat history. There are the many names for cannabis: Bud Grass Weed Marijuana Smoke Dope Pot Greenery Herb There are just as many strong opinions concerning its use and the role Read More…

Map detailing predictive policing technology used by the Santa Cruz, California Police Department
Predictive Policing Recidivism in the US

Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Predicting Crime Before It Happens

Can we predict crime before it happens? Experts suggest that modern-day science fiction technology can do just that. The tool is supposed to predict recidivism too.  In the last 15 years, data analysis and artificial intelligence have grown by astronomical rates. Data-mining has allowed for direct-to-consumer advertisements that (theoretically) are personalized for the individual. Facebook posts Read More…

A black woman protesting the lack of employment that she and many other black women are offered in society.
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Discrimination at Play: Finding Work After Incarceration as a Black Woman

Black women released from prisons have a harder times finding a job than anyone. Their unemployment rate is 43%. Steps need to be taken to reduce unemployment rates for them.   It’s no secret that reintegrating after incarceration is difficult. For a system that includes the name “corrections” in its title, our prison system is Read More…

Free College Education Program for Prison Inmates.
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Providing Education to Inmates: Smarter Criminals or Smart Solutions?

Providing education to inmates lowers recidivism. Yet, the government won’t invest in educating inmates even if it saves money in the long run. But, why? Currently, most Department of Corrections are not about reintegrating but about punishing. The deplorable incarceration and recidivism rates indicate a different approach is needed. Many inmates have turned to education Read More…