N. L. Sweeney is an English Creative Writing graduate from Western Washington University. His work has been published by Flash Fiction Magazine, Niteblade, Defenestration Magazine, Jeopardy Magazine and Inroads: Writers in the Community. He currently writes editorials and feature news pieces for Prison Rideshare Network. When Sweeney's not writing, he busies himself with petting furry animals, learning Chinese and making friends in local tea shops.
Sheila Jarboe-Lickteig, the owner of the Hand Up, checks in on former inmates in the dining room.
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Halfway Houses: Half-Baked Idea? Or Do They Really Work?

Halfway houses are options for inmates reintegrating society, but aren’t quite ready to return to their own lives. What’s their purpose? Do they really work? A few years ago, my brother moved in across the street from a halfway house. One chilly morning, he confided in me that he and his partner were somewhat concerned Read More…

Men in Prison Playing HALO Video Games
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Can Video Games Benefit Inmates If They’re Allowed in Prisons? (Video)

Video games are prohibited in most prisons. Yet, they can provide positive benefits to inmates, including improving precision skills and keeping idle minds busy. The entire industry of video games is shrouded in controversy these days. Do video games have a positive or negative impact on players? Do they have an impact at all? According Read More…

An inmate in shadows grips the bars of his cell.
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Staying Connected Via Internet Behind Bars: A Youngster’s Perspective

When was the last time you completely disconnected from the internet? In a digital, socially connected, and global world, the thought of cutting oneself off from the net can be both a social and logistical nightmare. Sure, sometimes it might be nice to step away from all the noise pollution. Detoxing from all the status Read More…

Alice Marie Johnson some years ago on a prison visit with her family.
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Trump Sets Prison Reform Precedent Thanks to Kim Kardashian

President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson. This comes a week after Kim Kardashian-West’s trip to the Oval Office. There, she spoke to the president about prison reform and pleaded Alice Marie Johnson’s case. Many are still bashing both reality TV stars. However, it marks an important moment for prison inmates, prison Read More…

A homeless man pushing a shopping cart being asked to leave an alleyway by a blonde female police officer in charge of street cleaning.
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Homelessness & Imprisonment: Let’s Discuss Some Hard Facts

Homelessness is a huge issue in the US. And not all homeless people are criminals. Many are down on their luck, or unable to afford housing. But does that always lead to crime? When it comes to homeless people, there is often the belief that they are criminals, that they are dangerous. In a society Read More…

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The Effects of Prison Visitation on Offender Recidivism in the US

Visitations for inmates heavily impact their integration back into society upon release and whether they will re-offend and add to recidivism rates. Many families are too far to visit or inmates lack the necessary support system while incarcerated. Until the system changes, inmates don’t have the tools to live a crime-free life upon release. Dealing Read More…

Kim Kardashian Meets with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House.
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Is This a Joke? President Trump Meets with Kim Kardashian on Prison Reform???

After cancelling perhaps one of the most historical international meetings of our time, President Trump turns his attention back home. And the first issue on his mind is a topic that is very important to prison loved ones: prison reform. But, he met with Kim Kardashian to get the job done? Seriously? No way. 2 Read More…