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Bitcoin Prepaid Card
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Guide to Helping Prisoners Invest in Bitcoins & Come Home to Financial Security

The finance of loved ones locked behind bars is always a dicey topic. One of the first challenges is dealing with the potential illegitimate and legitimates calls from Payday loan companies and other credit lenders wanting to claim their debts. On the other end of things are cooperate bodies and individuals who may owe your […]

Prison loved ones need to beware of fake bill collectors calling about their incarcerated loved ones' payday loans.
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Are You or Your Imprisoned Loved Ones Targets of Fake Bill Collectors?

Fraudsters are always looking for porous grounds to exploit and incarcerated people’s finances are a cool spot for them. It’s almost common for prison loved ones to receive calls from their acclaimed debtors. One of the most common strategies used by these fraudsters is referring to delinquent payday loans. Knowing the exact way to verify […]

With clean credit, your loved one can buy a home within two years of being released from prison.
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Paying Off Credit Debt: The Cons Creditors Don’t Tell You About

Monitoring the finances an incarcerated loved is one of the very important oversights. From payday lenders to scammers and even debtors, there is an over whelming lot to be concerned about when it comes to inmate finances. Helping incarcerated loved ones maintain a healthy credit score will go a long way in ensuring a stable […]

Does this visiting room filled with video visitation phones look kid-friendly to you?
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Douglas County Jail Uses Art & Activities To Be More Kid-Friendly & Less Scary

For most prison kids, visiting their loved ones is always nothing but an opportunity for closure with their incarcerated loved ones. It’s always a bitter-sweet feeling, knowing that they get to see their loved ones for a stipulated period. The serious looking prison atmosphere does a bad job in taking their mind of the fact […]

CDCR Prison Inmate Firefighters of San Luis Obispo County
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California Inmates on Frontline of the Wildfire Battle: What Are the Benefits?

California’s CDCR inmates are putting their lives on the line and giving it all it takes to fight the wildfire battle. But, will this benefit them in the end? The California wildfire continues to gain momentum through the greater Los Angeles area, it’s successfully: Disrupting businesses Destroying homes Causing the displacement of over 250,000 residents […]

Prison Visit Pics: RHOA's Sheree Whitfield Reveals Prison Relationship with Tyrone Gilliams
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RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Reveals Prison Relationship with Tyrone Gilliams

Sheree Whitfield of the Real Housewives of Atlanta fuels recent speculations about her love life by confirming she is in love with an incarcerated man. Their prison relationship seems strong. Sheree Whitfield was formerly in a popular, public marriage with Bob Whitfield, the ex-Atlanta Falcons offensive tackle. Her relationship with Bob hit the rocks amidst wide-spread […]

Offender Monnek Hall, left, spends time with her daughter Ayona Hall, age 13..
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Girl Scouts Beyond Bars: Prison Daughters Get Special Visits with Their Incarcerated Moms

There’s a lot of conversation surrounding the effect of incarceration of parents on their kids. As is the same with many social issues, it almost never goes beyond the lip service. However, the Girl Scout has taken the responsibility to act with programs like Girl Scout Beyond Bars. The initiative is targeted at bringing closure […]

inmates release area
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People in Prisons Can Actually Work on Their Credit Now… While Still Inside

A good number of prisoners leave prison broke, which leads to recidivism or depression in some cases. Prisoners sometimes inherit debts fraudulently incurred on their credit card details while they were locked up. Legal fees spent in their defense also eats deep into the purse of prisoners and their family in some cases. Watching the […]

Meek Mill's Annual DREAMChaser's Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway
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Meek Mill’s Camp Moves Forward with Annual Thanksgiving Event in His Absence (Video)

Meek Mill’s annual DREAMChaser’s Thanksgiving charity event moves forward in spite of the rapper being in prison. His camp keeps it going in his honor. Despite rumors of the event’s cancellation, owing to the Hip Hop rapper being currently locked up in prison, Meek Mill’s camp kept the event moving as planned. They continued Meek’s annual […]

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Report Suggests American Prisoners Read These 5 Books the Most

Being locked behind bars is far from an interesting and soul lifting adventure. It takes a lot of emotional intelligence and perseverance to leave prison as a better person after serving sentence. Reading is one of the few effective ways inmate use to seek solace and develop mentally and emotionally. It is a popular believes […]