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Me Too
Crimes Against Women Inmates

Hysterectomy Woes: #MeToo Highlights Feminine Hygiene Needs

Kimberly Haven served a 15-month sentence in a Maryland prison. While there, Haven says she wasn’t provided with female hygiene products. So she had to use tissue paper instead, which led to a hysterectomy after her release. However, after her 2015 release, Haven realized that she had conducted some infections due to using tissue papers. The Read More…

Ex-CO Evangeline Hunt was sentenced to 18 months for smuggling contraband into the prison where she worked.
Dirty Cops in Prisons

Ex-Officer Finally Sent to Prison for Smuggling Contraband to Inmates

An ex-officer from the Lanesboro Correctional Institution was recently sent to prison for engaging in misconducts with the inmates. Ruling the case, the judge said that the court had found Officer Evangeline Hunt guilty for smuggling contraband to prisoners. Now she’s serving time like the prisoners she “helped.” Hunt also had a tendency of bragging to Read More…

Love After Lockup - Dominic 30 & Mary 28
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Love After Lockup: Mary Reveals Her Future Plans With Dominic

It was just the other day that we watched the season one finale of our new favorite show, Love After Lockup. Today, let’s talk about about Mary and Dominic, who currently resides in a half-way house. Mary recently decided to speak up finally about the awkward “non-wedding.” Taking it to the social media, Mary revealed Read More…

Prison System Issues

A New Survey Reveals: Most Americans Support Reforms In Criminal Justice Reform

A recently released poll has found that 75 percent of Americans do believe that a lot of improvements need to be done to our criminal justice system. The research which was carried out by Public Opinion Strategies, and later presented to Justice Action Network, also assessed the political influence on this matter. Democrats led the Read More…

Bambinisenzasbarre: Prison kids get to play soccer with their incarcerated dads.
Parenting from Behind Bars Prison Kids

Bambinisenzasbarre: Inmates Get Opportunity to Play Soccer with Their Kids in Prison

Since 2015, the nonprofit organization BambiniSenzasBarre has been organizing soccer matches in several Italian prisons, once a year. BambiniSenzasBarre, which translates to children without bars, has been organizing matches nicknamed La Partita con Papà, meaning The Game with Dad. Activities Undertaken Under Bambinisenzasbarre Program During these events, children of incarcerated parents are given a chance Read More…

Abuse at Wisconsin Youth Prison prompts concerns and lawsuits.
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Fox 11 Tours Wisconsin Youth Prison to Find Out the Progress

Just recently, the troubled Wisconsin Youth Prison known as Lincoln Hills School welcomed a few members of the Fox 11 media for a tour. However, no cameras were allowed inside. The visit aimed to find out about the changes being put in place to improve the conditions for the inmates and staffers. This troubled youth Read More…

Trump's Prison Reform Is Cause for Locking Him Up and Throwing Away the Key.
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Trump Camp Killing Programs That Help Inmates Re-Enter Society (Video)

Recently, locked up inmates across the US switched on TVs to see politicians grill the Bureau of Prisons’ new chief Mark Inch about re-entry programs. Inch was appointed as the bureau’s barely three months ago under Trump administration, but he has done a lot in that short time. Many of Inch’s changes are hurting the Read More…

Lyle Jeffs Fraud Case 2016
Famous Prisoners Series

Former Polygamous Leader to Spend 5-Years in Prison for Welfare Fraud

After about two years of court battle, Lyle Jeffs, a former leader of a polygamous sect, has finally been sentenced to five-year prison for: Stealing from a food stamp scheme Escaping home confinement while awaiting trial In the case, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints member was accused of withdrawing approximately $11 Read More…

A New Way of Life: Susan Burton created the re-entry program for women who have spent decades in prisons.
After Release Programs Prison System Issues Recidivism in the US Women's Prisons

Women Are Creating New Purpose-Filled Lives After Their Prison Releases

Susan Burton is highly praised for opening her home up to strangers. She also provides other resources to offer safe healing environments for the women being released from prisons. She’s helping these ex-inmates create new purpose-filled lives. The Birth of Susan Burton’s New Purpose-Filled Life Very few people will be willing to welcome fresh ex-convicts Read More…