As a little girl Tiffany M Arnold displayed a creative spirit. She truly believes writing is her form of art to foster conversations that positively impact the world. Tiffany loves to express herself through stories that make you think beyond the pages, beyond the book and within yourself. She hopes, in every story there is a message for someone. Ms. Arnold currently reports prison news for PRN online.
Massachusetts inmate Alexander Phillips, the state's first example of compassionate release.
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Compassionate Release: Not Quite Freedom, But Beats Dying in Prison

Massachusetts’ first compassionate release occurred last week. The inmate, Alexander Phillips, will get the treatment for his cancer any human would deserve. Massachusetts had its first compassionate release under its new medical parole law. The program allows the state to release inmates who can prove they are terminally ill or so incapacitated that they are Read More…

Kalief Browder (left) & Akeem Browder (right), whose fighting to shut down Riker's Island forever
Prison Closures School to Prison Pipeline

Akeem Browder Continues a Story That Proves the Need for Change

Sixteen is the age when most are planning big parties, college prep tests and driving lessons. But, this wasn’t the case for Kalief Browder, whose case has turned his brother, Akeem, into a prison advocate. And, he wants Riker’s Island shut down for good. Teen-hood is a time parents are trying to wrap their heads Read More…

Meek Mill Headed to Court
Famous Prisoners Series Wrongful Convictions

Meek Mills Advocates for Release of Innocent Philadelphia Prisoner

Meek Mills uses his name for prison reform and justice. He advocates for an innocent men serving 27 years of a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. For years, we’ve heard about people being released from prisons after their DNA cleared them from wrongful convictions. After they are released, they get basic Read More…

An opium addict sitting on her bed with her knees close to herself as she hides her face in a cloth.
Prison Health Issues

Philadelphia Women’s Prison Tries Bold Experiment Giving Inmates Opioids

Philadelphia Women’s Prisons prescribing synthetic opioids to inmates upon release. Experiment is in the hopes to reduce fatal overdoses after release. According to the scientific journal Drug and Alcohol Dependency, a third of inmates die from an overdose of heroin after being released from prison. For a city where opioid overdose is already high, the Read More…