Tina Karen has been a lifestyle blogger for a while now. As she writes her many blog posts, she makes sure to highlight all the major points of interests rather than only emphasizing the areas she finds preferable. Tina possess a soft voice that comes in handy and enables her to do voice overs. She currently writes news articles for prison loved ones on the Prison Rideshare Network.
A prisoner being filmed while handcuffed and watched by two guards.
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Top 7 Prison Docuseries Taking Netflix Viewers by Storm in 2018

Docu-series on Netflix are having a blast making life interesting for their fans. Shows like Making a Murderer are making fans become and feel like armchair detectives. Here are the top seven docu-series with prison-related subjects on Netflix. We have ranked them from best to least interesting. Top 7 Netflix Prison Docu-Series – August 2018 Read More…

Theresa Livengood, who is serving a life sentence at the Lowell Correctional Facility, breaks down in tears as she talks about the facility.
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DOJ Investigates a Florida Women’s Prison Following Claims of Sexual Abuse

An investigation is open by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against Lowell Correctional Institution, based on complaints of sexual misconduct and other abuses in the Florida women’s prison. An investigation has been opened by the the US Federal DOJ. It  follows the complaints of sexual misconduct and other abuses filed by the women inmates. The Read More…

Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano on the set of Escape at Dannemora.
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Showtime’s ‘Escape at Dannemora’: The Real Love-Triangle and Prison Break Story

Escape at Dannemore is Showtime’s version of the real-life prison break in 2015. Starring two prisoners and an employee who helps break them out of prison.   The prison escape three years ago involving two prisoners and a forbidden prison love story has caught the attention of the camera. The event boomed the media in Read More…

The Northeast New Mexico Correctional Facility's Prison Riot Team handling the situation before it got even more out of hand.
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Prison Riot Featuring a Notorious Criminal Concealed By The Facility

A prison riot involving a serial killer that occurred last fall was recently exposed, resulting in controversy with the facility and it’s decision to keep it a secret to the public. The Northeast New Mexico Prison Complex has recently been on the hot seat after concealing a riot event that happened almost 10 months ago. Read More…

Steven Avery being escorted by police in a prison uniform.
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Good News For The ‘Making a Murderer’ Fans: New Docuseries Coming

New docuseries based on the popular Making of A Murderer on Netflix. The prosecution is able to give their side of the story on Steven Avery’s case.   Many fans of the amazing Making a Murderer docuseries now have a reason to smile. The follow-up project is coming soon! This follow-up project is titled Convicting Read More…

Protestors outside Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington.
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Will Tacoma City Officials Help Reunite Immigrant Mothers with Their Children?

Protestors in Tacoma go up against the private prison housing the detained immigrants of Trump’s policy. Will protestors prevail?   Victoria Woodards is the Mayor of Tacoma. She is one among many mayors staging protests against the separation of families at the border. She backs the reuniting of these families. Woodards promises Tacoma will remain Read More…

No. Kim K did not get arrested. But, she did visit the California Women’s Prison known as CIW.
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Kim Kardashian Takes on Women’s Prison Reform at CIW in Corona, CA

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has over the past few months been working on prison reform projects that have kept the world on the edges of their seats. Kim K-West has been reported to be working with various people that run prison reform organizations. An example is Jared Kushner, President Trump’s adviser, and son-in-law. Jared Read More…

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A True Innocence Project: The Trials, Convictions and Acquittal of Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox was a 20-year-old college exchange student studying abroad in Italy living the life of her dreams. She had a gorgeous, Italian boyfriend, an apartment she loved and her entire life ahead of her. That is… until she was accused of brutally murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher in what the press deemed sex games gone Read More…