Tina Karen has been a lifestyle blogger for a while now. As she writes her many blog posts, she makes sure to highlight all the major points of interests rather than only emphasizing the areas she finds preferable. Tina possess a soft voice that comes in handy and enables her to do voice overs. She currently writes news articles for prison loved ones on the Prison Rideshare Network.
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A True Innocence Project: The Trials, Convictions and Acquittal of Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox was a 20-year-old college exchange student studying abroad in Italy living the life of her dreams. She had a gorgeous, Italian boyfriend, an apartment she loved and her entire life ahead of her. That is… until she was accused of brutally murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher in what the press deemed sex games gone Read More…

Corrections Officers Arrested for Sexual Misconduct at NJ Women's Prison
Crimes Against Women Inmates

Out With The Old In With The New: Bittersweet Reactions to Gary Lanigan’s Retirement

Gary Lanigan, New Jersey’s corrections commissioner, is retiring from his position. An appointed spokesman refused to comment on why. This comes months after his renomination was stalled due to an ongoing investigation into the sexual abuse allegations at the state New Jersey’s women’s prison. What’s the Deal with New Jersey Corrections Commissioner Gary Lanigan? Gary Read More…

Inmate Beatdown at Rikers Island in 2017
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The History of Rikers Island: From Housing Dutch Dynasty to Becoming Most Notorious Jail

Rikers Island was named after a thriving Dutch family who settled there. The Riker name symbolizes slavery’s spectral presence in the history of the American landscape. Built on the sweat of indentured slaves, keeping the name in honor of the racist slave owners reinforced the violence that would make it one of the most notorious Read More…

Texas Death row
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Prison Reform & Restitution Act Gives Ex-convicts Opportunities for Change

Every year, approximately two million people are locked up in prisons. 95% get released, resulting in 650,000 ex-convicts back on the streets. Within time, two-thirds will be arrested again for new crimes. With the Prison Reform and Restitution Act, ex-convicts have a chance to succeed in society upon release. Every year, approximately two million people Read More…

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Fights Mass Incarceration with His Criminal Justice Revolution
Latest News Mass Incarceration

Philadelphia DA Makes Changes to Incarceration Sentencing Policies

Criminal Justice Revolution: Philadelphia’s 57-year-old District Attorney Larry Krasner was sworn into office in January after his election win in November last year. The Philly DA is well known for his good works to end mass incarceration and taking responsibility for the fiscal realities of sentencing. His works have been named by the general public Read More…

Jose Menendez with Lyle & Erik as Boys
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Emotional Reunion for Menendez Brothers After 21 Years in Different Prisons

After being separated for more than 21 years in different California state prisons, the Menendez Brothers have finally been reunited. It was a reunion filled with emotions and tears. The last time the famous prisoners saw each other was on September 10, 1996. After their convictions for killing Jose and Kitty, they were separated… until Read More…

Free College Education Program for Prison Inmates.
Prison Education Programs

Thirst for Knowledge: How Prison Education Changed the Life of Marcus Lily

35-year-old Marcus Lily is a student at the University of Baltimore. He started his degree while serving time at the Jessup Correctional Institution. Marcus describes his studying in prison as an escape. While reading, he could forget that he was a prisoner and all the negative issues that came with being locked up. It was Read More…