Tina Karen has been a lifestyle blogger for a while now. As she writes her many blog posts, she makes sure to highlight all the major points of interests rather than only emphasizing the areas she finds preferable. Tina possess a soft voice that comes in handy and enables her to do voice overs. She currently writes news articles for prison loved ones on the Prison Rideshare Network.
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Is Kanye West About to Become President Trump’s New UN Ambassador?

President Trump and Jared Kushner will meet with Rapper Kanye West on Thursday, October 11. They plan to discuss gang violence and prison reform in Chicago. Many people on Twitter are making speculations. They believe that it’s no coincidence that Kanye is meeting with Trump right after Nikki Haley’s UN Ambassador resignation. They are insinuating Read More…

Pictures of Ronald Coleman and Brian Y. Ambroise, two prison officers accused of sexually assaulting prison inmates.
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Officers Charged with Sexual Assault at a New Jersey Women’s Prison

NJ Advance Media discovered sexual assault of inmates at the only New Jersey women’s prison. These assaults were being carried out by the employees.   Sexual Assault Scandal in New Jersey Prison Sexual assault indictments from New Jersey’s only women’s prison have been filed. One correctional officer has formerly been charged with sexual assault. He Read More…

Mental health is a very fragile thing that must be secured. If our prison system is doing less to rehabilitate ex-convicts and doing more harm that can lead to recidivism and suicide, something needs to change.
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Alabama DOC Fails to Meet Deadlines, Could Be Held in Contempt

Alabama prisons to answer why they have not met deadlines to improve staffing and issues for the lawsuit filed on behalf of mentally ill inmates. Myron Thompson, a U.S District Judge, issued an order against the Alabama DOC. The judge acted on a request made by inmates’ lawyers who filed a lawsuit against the DOC. Read More…

Wanda Barzee - The 'Monster' Mom Who Helped Kidnap Elizabeth Smart and Hold Her Captive for Months.
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Wanda Barzee’s Mental Health Called Into Question Just Before Prison Release

Wanda Barzee is an embarrassment to her Salt Lake City, Utah family after she took part in the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart. Now, with her release from prison scheduled for today, her mental health is being questioned. When Barzee and husband Brian David Mitchell did the kidnapping, Smart was only a teenager. Barzee was a professional Read More…

Dirty Drinking Water
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Women’s Prison Serves Inmates & Prison Babies Copper-Contaminated Water

Inmates at a Nebraska Women’s Prison complain of dirty, tannish water. Reports say copper levels are too high, including inside the prison’s baby nursery. For a couple of years now, inmates at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women (NCCW) in York have complained about the water quality in the facility. This is the water they Read More…

Tasker Spruill in Court. He was exonerated, then sent back to prison again.
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Tasker Spruill Was Exonerated. So, Why Is He Headed Back to Prison?

Just 14 months after vacating Tasker Spruill’s guilty conviction, the appeals court has changed its mind. He has been reincarcerated after already spending 23 years in prison. A judge in Brooklyn recently gave an order to re-incarcerate Tasker Spruill, 51. It was only 14 months after he was exonerated and released from prison. The decision Read More…

Oregon has implemented a Veteran Unit at one of its prisons. Yet, it illegally takes money from disabled veteran inmates.
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Oregon DOC Investigated for Illegally Taking Money from Disabled Veterans

Last year, the Oregon Legislature came up with a way to collect debts from its prisoners. Yet, an exception was made where they forbade the Oregon Department of Corrections (ORDOC) from collecting any money from its veterans’ disability checks. Oregon Youth Authority Working to Ensure Juveniles Complete Education While in the System Oregon DOC Disobeys Read More…

A Texas State prison unit is submerged by water from the flooded Brazos River in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, in Rosharon, Texas
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Hurricane Florence Prison Evacuations Updates: Who’s Not Evacuating?

Due to the threat posed by Hurricane Florence, many have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety. This is however not the case for everyone, especially prison inmates. As bad as the storm has been described to be, all orders that have been put out for people to vacate immediately. Despite the Read More…

A group of inmates being transferred from Vermont to Kentucky.
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Transfer of Vermont Inmates to an Unknown Mississippi Prison

Due to contract negotiations, Vermont inmates are being uprooted again. This time, all the way to a Mississippi prison. Which one is unclear at the moment. On August 27th, the Department of Corrections (DOC) completed its dialogue with an out-of-state prison. It agreed during the meetings, lawyers and state officials will sign the contract that Read More…

A shot of a prison in Rosharon, Texas, during Hurricane Harvey.
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Inmates and Residents Leave Virginia Ahead of Hurricane Florence

Virginia has been declared a state of emergency and Hurricane Florence heads towards the East Coast. Prisoners and residents relocating. South Carolina Ignores Inmate Relocation Orders For Hurricane Florence Relocation From Virginia State Prison Inmates housed at the Virginia State Prison are being relocated before the arrival of Hurricane Florence. The relocation was ordered by Read More…