Charles Omedo has a degree in Mass Communication and a PGD in Digital Communication. He worked as a newspaper/magazine reporter and editor for many years. Now, he writes daily news articles for private clients. Charles has written for US/UK/Canadian/Indian clients on various niches. He currently writes prison news for loved ones of inmates on the Prison Rideshare Network.
28 images of convicts that were found deceased in Utah jails.
Latest News Prison Suicides & Deaths

Investigations Show 20 Inmates Lost Their Lives in Utah Prisons in 2017

State investigators revealed 20 prisoners died in Utah detention facilities last year. Many more died in 2016. Reports done at the instigation of lawmakers.   The Utah State Department of Corrections revealed 20 inmates died in state prisons in 2017. The Department of Corrections made the disclosure after lawmakers compelled them to investigate prison deaths in Read More…

An image of kidnapper Wanda Barzee next to an image of Elizabeth Smart.
Breaking News Famous Prisoners Series

Wanda Barzee: All You Need To Know About Her Release From Prison

Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper Wanda Barzee was released from prison. Here is all you need to know about why she was released now.   One of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper, Wanda Barzee, was released from prison. Barzee together with her husband Brian David Mitchell abducted Smart from her Salt Lake City home in 2002. Smart was 14 Read More…

An illustration of a prisoner behind the bars of a dollar sign, sandwiched between two prisoners holding signs that show how much they owe in prison debt.
Latest News Life After Release

How the American Govt. Runs an Extortion Racket to Keep Ex-Convicts Perpetually Incarcerated

The U.S. forces former prison inmates to pay for their incarceration, even though taxpayers pay. Former prisoners are sent back to prison if they can’t pay. The American government makes a lot of noise about reducing recidivism. They run “commendable” prison programs. The programs are aimed at increasing the chances of prisoners getting jobs after Read More…

A group of California inmate hand crew firefighters camped outside of a fire in 2006.
Prison Labor

California Exploits Prisoners Sent to Fight Wildfires for $2 a Day

California uses prison inmates to fight its raging wildfires. They exploit their incarcerated status by only paying them $2 per day.   For only $2 per day, 3,400 prison inmates in California have been deployed to fight the wildfires. The inmates who are fighting fires include 58 juvenile offenders. They are all working alongside an Read More…

A group of prisoners being sent away in a truck to fight fires.
Prison Labor

California’s Use of Prisoners to Fight Wildfires Is Comparable to Slave Labor

California pays prison inmates volunteering to fight wildfires $2 per day. Regular firefighters are paid up to $16.50 per hour. This is slave labor.   California depends on volunteer prison inmates to fight its frequent wildfires. This is not a new practice. The state has used prison labor since the World War II. Roughly 3,400 Read More…

CoreCivic's entrance to their headquarters.
Private Prison Systems

CoreCivic Gets Contract Extension in Montana Despite Lawsuits and Reputation

Not regarding its terrible reputation and numerous lawsuits over human rights abuses, Gov. Bullock of Montana went and renewed the contract of CoreCivic. CoreCivic, one of the largest private prison companies in America, is at it again. This time, it succeeded at manipulating the Montana governor into winning a contract extension. The private prison establishment Read More…

Prison Health Issues

Tennessee’s Diabetic Prisoners Denied Insulin Due to Greedy, Cost-Cutting Measures

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has joined a class-action lawsuit against CoreCivic for failing to provide diabetic prison inmates with required insulin shots. Formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America, CoreCivic is one of the largest operators of private prisons in the United States. The detention company owns about 65 prisons and eight immigration detention Read More…

South Florida activists take action against ICE, GEO Group
Private Prison Systems

Local Residents Kick GEO Group Out of Private Prison Business

Local residents of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania have used people power to kick Geo Group out of business. GEO Group is one of the largest private prison companies in the United States. They have now lost their business in Lancaster County because the local community united against them. The people now understand that preventing profit-seeking Read More…

Laura Gomez as Blanca Flores in a scene from Orange is the New Black.
Prison TV, Series, Movies, Games Trump's Migrants & Immigrants

Orange Is the New Black Makes ICE Connection Under Trump’s Administration

Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black reflects a lot on Trump’s zero-tolerance policy. While the show keeps anyone riveted to their seats, it provides a peak into the racial imbalances. Spoiler Alert: OITNB Touches on Immigration & US Prisons One of the storylines of this season’s OITNB on Netflix (including the final episode, spoiler Read More…

Protesters against CoreCivic camped out at the company's entrance.
Private Prisons

The Human Rights Disaster: Protesters Arrested Outside of CoreCivic

A group of protesters blocking the entrance to CoreCivic headquarters have been carted away by police. They were protesting the human rights abuses of the private prison company. CoreCivic Has Demonstrators Thrown in Jail A group of protesters blocked the entrance to CoreCivic’s headquarters claiming the private prison company is a: “…human rights disaster in Read More…