Charles Omedo has a degree in Mass Communication and a PGD in Digital Communication. He worked as a newspaper/magazine reporter and editor for many years. Now, he writes daily news articles for private clients. Charles has written for US/UK/Canadian/Indian clients on various niches. He currently writes prison news for loved ones of inmates on the Prison Rideshare Network.
Marc Sorrentino (left) alongside his brother Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, during a happier time before tax evasion.
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Famous Prisoners: What’s the Deal with The Situation Going to Prison?

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino begins his prison term on January 15, 2019 after he was sentenced for tax evasion in October 2018. Jersey Shore fans have been glued to their TVs watching the crew during the Family Vacation installment. Now, everyone’s talking about the impending prison sentence of Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino. Reality star The Situation begins Read More…

Denouncing America's "Debtor Prison" System, Sanders Introduces Bill to End Cash Bail
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Cash Bail System: How the US Punishes the Poor for Being Poor (VIDEO)

The cash bail system currently in use in the US has evolved into a monster that perpetuates poverty and inequality, rather than being a corrective measure. Prisons for debtors were abolished in the United States in 1833. However, it still persists in the form of the cash bail system – a system where people remain Read More…

Florida DOC Claims ALL Inmates Are Safe After Hurricane Micheal.
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Families in Fear: Florida Evacuates Over 4,000 Inmates After Hurricane Michael

The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) has evacuated over 4,100 inmates from its state prisons. Following the devastating impacts of Hurricane Michael, thousands of inmates were moved from two prison facilities badly impacted by the storm. But families of inmates complain of the poor conditions in prisons most damaged by the hurricane. Unfortunately, the prisoners Read More…

The Play Are in the Visiting Room at SDWP
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Peek Inside South Dakota Women’s Prison Where Peace & Quiet Reign Supreme

There are three levels of security at South Dakota Women’s Prison (SDWP) in Pierre. But it is one facility where security levels matter little. The inmates live free and are largely at peace with one another. This prison facility is a controlled environment where women serve out their sentences in quiet and relative peace. But Read More…

17-Year-Old Pedro Hernandez Stayed on Rikers Island to Clear His Name, Just Like Kalief Browder.
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Kalief Browder Debate Continues: Raise the Age Law & Rehabilitating Teens

The Raise the Age legislation took effect in New York on October 1. All youth offenders below the age of 18 were transferred from Rikers Island into juvenile detention centers. New York City’s Rikers Island is notorious for housing hardened criminals, yet teenagers sentenced as adults were once housed there too. New York Mayor Bill Read More…

The Delco Coalition for Prison Reform holding a public hearing about de-privatizing George W. Hill Correctional Facility from The GEO Group.
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Public VS Private Prisons: Delaware County Battles GEO Group Again

Residents and advocacy groups in Delaware County want officials to end their contract with private prison operator GEO Group Int and take back control. The Delaware Council comes under intense heat. Individuals and prison reform groups want an end to its relationship with the GEO Group Int. GEO manages the county’s George W. Hill Correctional Read More…

28 images of convicts that were found deceased in Utah jails.
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Investigations Show 20 Inmates Lost Their Lives in Utah Prisons in 2017

State investigators revealed 20 prisoners died in Utah detention facilities last year. Many more died in 2016. Reports done at the instigation of lawmakers.   The Utah State Department of Corrections revealed 20 inmates died in state prisons in 2017. The Department of Corrections made the disclosure after lawmakers compelled them to investigate prison deaths in Read More…

An image of kidnapper Wanda Barzee next to an image of Elizabeth Smart.
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Wanda Barzee: All You Need To Know About Her Release From Prison

Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper Wanda Barzee was released from prison. Here is all you need to know about why she was released now.   One of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper, Wanda Barzee, was released from prison. Barzee together with her husband Brian David Mitchell abducted Smart from her Salt Lake City home in 2002. Smart was 14 Read More…

An illustration of a prisoner behind the bars of a dollar sign, sandwiched between two prisoners holding signs that show how much they owe in prison debt.
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How the American Govt. Runs an Extortion Racket to Keep Ex-Convicts Perpetually Incarcerated

The U.S. forces former prison inmates to pay for their incarceration, even though taxpayers pay. Former prisoners are sent back to prison if they can’t pay. The American government makes a lot of noise about reducing recidivism. They run “commendable” prison programs. The programs are aimed at increasing the chances of prisoners getting jobs after Read More…

A group of California inmate hand crew firefighters camped outside of a fire in 2006.
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California Exploits Prisoners Sent to Fight Wildfires for $2 a Day

California uses prison inmates to fight its raging wildfires. They exploit their incarcerated status by only paying them $2 per day.   For only $2 per day, 3,400 prison inmates in California have been deployed to fight the wildfires. The inmates who are fighting fires include 58 juvenile offenders. They are all working alongside an Read More…