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Prison Kids Programs for Prison Loved Ones

Bedtime Story Program for Prison Kids in Utah

Bedtime stories are a goodnight routine for many millennial kids. It gives the kids the soothing opportunity to dose off listening to a fairy tale story read by a loved one. Already, kids with incarcerated parent are being directly deprived by the system for crimes they know nothing about.

Prison Kids Benefit from Bed Time Story Programs

Prison kids don’t have the luxury of being held to bed by both their parents, especially the ones with incarcerated mothers. In Utah, volunteers are doing a lot to fill this vacuum between mothers and their little children. The volunteers have been running the bedtime story reading program for the past twelve years.

A number of other states have also been making strides in different way to cushion the effect of the absence of mothers in the lives of little children. One of the many ways is through programs like the bedtime story reading which offers some sort of closure.

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