Brenda Ann Spencer now claims she feels responsible for the latest school shootings.
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Is Brenda Ann Spencer Responsible for the Latest School Shootings?

‘I Hate Mondays’ has become a coined phrase. Many new memes and t-shirts in social media reference this Brenda Ann Spencer famous quote. Now, she feels responsible for all school shootings.

Brenda Ann Spencer now claims she feels responsible for the latest school shootings.
Brenda Ann Spencer now claims she feels responsible for the latest school shootings. Image Source: YouTube

I Hate Mondays: Who Is Brenda Ann Spencer?

That was her motive for the January 29, 1979 school shooting at Grover Cleveland Elementary School. Spencer, the San Diego school shooter, was 16 when she opened fire with a .22 rifle at the elementary school across the street from her home.

Brenda Ann Spencer killed the principal and custodian. She also wounded eight children and a police officer.

The phrase and song ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ by Boomtown Rats have become an anthem for many of the school shooters who followed. In 2001, Brenda Ann Spencer told the parole board that she felt partially responsible for every new shooting at a school.

She believes that they got the idea from what she did. Spencer is considered the first modern-day school shooter.

Classic Song Inspired By Brenda Ann Spencer, Who Hated Mondays Enough To Kill

Red and Blue Ski Jackets Were Brenda Ann Spencer’s Targets

In Spencer’s initial police interview, she told a cop that ‘it was a lot of fun seeing children shot’. She also said the kids in red and blue ski jackets were her targets.

Her most recent parole hearing was in 2009. She told the parole board she doesn’t remember saying any of those things, although she says it was possible.

The San Diego school shooter insists now that it was not her intention to shoot anyone. She claims she aimed for the parking lot because she knew the police would come and kill her.

Spencer blames it on her failed suicide attempts.

Brenda Spencer Asked for a Radio… Was Given a Gun

The famous prisoners claims to not remember actually aiming at anyone at Grover Cleveland Elementary School. She vaguely remembers them taking cover and surrendering, as she changed her mind in letting the police kill her.

Spencer wrote a statement that alleges her father began fondling her at age nine and every night afterward. This started her abuse of alcohol, marijuana and downers.

That early Monday morning she heard the kids outside, laughing and playing. Although she says that didn’t prompt her to do the shootings.

The two people she killed were coming to the aid of others.

Spencer had seen a psychiatrist who told her father that she needed to be hospitalized before she hurt herself or others. Her father refused and said that there was nothing wrong with her and asked to be left alone.

The infamous school shooter asked him later for a radio for Christmas. She claims that instead, he got her a gun.

Video: The Sinner | Famous Murders Bizarre Motives: Brenda Ann Spencer | USA Network

Brenda Ann Spencer was a 16-year-old California teen when she took aim at a school across the street from her San Diego home. The elementary school shooting shocked the entire world.

Her bizarre motive was even shocking as she told police, “I hate Mondays.” This inspired one rockstar to write a song about the Monday morning school shooting. Check out the video below.

Witnesses and Former Prosecutor Calls Spencer’s Stories Lies

A representative of the D.A.’s office was at her hearing. He said that Saturday before the shooting, Spencer told another student something big was going to happen, and to watch the news on Monday.

That morning she asked her father to stay home because she didn’t feel well. He left at 7 a.m., and at 8:30 a.m., as the children were lining up to enter Grover Cleveland Elementary School, she started shooting at children.

Had the police officer, who was injured, not driven the trash truck in front of her home, more children would have been shot as she fired from her house.

A representative said that blood and urine samples taken at arrest were clean. The children she shot, who are now adults and children of the fallen principle and custodian were in attendance and begged for them not to release her.

They asked what if she has another bad Monday?

I Hate Mondays: Where Is Brenda Ann Spencer Now?

Spencer Feels Responsible for the 35 Mass Shootings Since San Diego

Spencer was the first high profile school shooter. But with lies she has told, is her fear of being responsible genuine?

Are her apologies genuine, when she cannot tell the truth after all these years later?

Or was she playing on the sensitivity of the UC Santa Barbara murders that happened just 2 1/2 hours from where she was up for parole?

Her representative says she is being honest. He claims that there was an invalid tox screen done at the time. And although her father denies abusing her, he married a young girl shortly after.

Today, Spencer is 56 years old. The famous prisoner is currently housed at the California Women’s Institution (CIW) in Corona, CA as inmate #W14944.

Spencer has been eligible for parole since February, 1993. The parole board denied her parole numerous times since then. September 07, 2016 was the most recent, where she was denied for five more years.

Brenda Ann Spencer’s next scheduled parole hearing is September, 2021 (tentative).

Will she ever get paroled? Is she actually responsible for the latest school shootings? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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