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California Men’s Colony Is Now Allowing Visitation after Large-Scale Riot

The California Men’s Colony prison which is situated in San Luis Obispo County will now be allowing visitation for its prisoners. The, visitation, however, will be strictly in the:

  • West Facility
  • Facility D, which is located on the eastern side

The new move came following a recent large-scale riot which was experienced in the facility. The riot erupted on the Sunday morning, Sep 24, 2017.

Consequences Which Followed the California Men’s Colony Riots.

California Men's Colony Prison FacilityFollowing the incident, inmates were, and will not be allowed to move minus an escort. Other facilities are still on a modified program, though. They include:

  • Facility A
  • Facility B
  • Facility C

Authorities reported that a total of 9-inmates were transported to the hospital as a result of the riot.

Of the nine casualties:

  • Six detainees were taken to the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center
  • Two were taken to the French Hospital Medical Center.
  • One was taken to Sierra Vista.

The one taken to Sierra Vista was previously said to be in a critical condition. But after treatment, he was later listed in a relatively stable condition.

Three of the nine inmates taken to the hospitals were still being hospitalized, by the following morning.

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How And When The Rioting Began in California Men’s Colony.

California Men's ColonyThe riots kicked off just before 11 a.m. It is claimed that the incident was prompted by the war amongst some inmates. The detainees in question began their fight in the East Facility custody yard.

In a bid to curb the riot, the guards decided to put the prison on lockdown. 160 inmates are believed to have involved in the fetal riot with a majority of them receiving stab wounds.

One prisoner passed away following the riot. The deceased was declared dead a few minutes after 1 p.m. Authorities identify the diseased as Matthew Cook.

Cook 25, has been at the CMC facility since the year 2015. The 25-years-old was sentenced in San Joaquin County to a 13-year, 8-month imprisonment sentence.

Cook had been accused of multiple counts of the first-degree burglary. His family was later notified about the sad news.

Following the incident, several quick measures were adopted by the facility. Among them include:

  • Visitors were evacuated
  • Visitation was canceled

Some of the reasons for taking action was to:

  • Enable the prison staff to arrange up the area
  • Investigate the circumstances which cultivated the riot.
 The prison visitors who were available at the time of the incident were safely escorted out of the facility by the guards.

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Visitations in the California Men’s Colony prison usually happens on Saturdays and Sundays. The California Men’s Colony prison spokesperson, Lt. Monica Ayon, said that the cancellation of the visits was only to last for a short time.

Ayon explained that they expected to resume the normal visitation program after one week. It no prison staff was injured during the incident.

Authorities are still investigating the deadly riot which claimed the life of one inmate.

However, the authorities said that the challenge is determining how much prisoners should be allowed to move around the facility without interfering with the investigation.

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