Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (right) shaking a prison inmate's hand at a job fair meant to reduce recidivism.
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Second Chance Program Reduces Recidivism for Arizona Prison Inmates

The Second Chance program seeks to reduce recidivism in Arizona. It aims to achieve this by giving prison inmates aid through job and life skills training. Many prisoners under the program are mainly those highly likely to commit another crime upon release. The Second Chance Program vs Arizona Recidivism Rates The Second Chance Program has Read More…

Volunteers for The FIRST 72+ outside of their building.
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First 72+: Program Provides Former Inmates with Hope & Homes

The First 72+ program helps ex-offenders re-enter society successfully. The Lousiana program provides ex-inmates with a transitional housing and resources. Many individuals leave prison after incarceration for long periods usually have no place to call home. They have nowhere to go or live. Maybe their families left the places they used to stay. In fact, Read More…

Different booths set up by different employers at the Southeast Wisconsin Reentry Employment Expo.
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Re-Entry Employment Expo: Helping Former Inmates Secure Jobs

Southeast Wisconsin Re-entry Employment Expo was held in October. The purpose of the Expo is to help reduce redivicism by assisting ex-inmates find jobs. Southeast Wisconsin Re-entry Employment Expo was held on Tuesday the 2nd of October. The expo took place at the Horizon Center at Gateway Technical College located on 4940 88th Avenue in Read More…

BOP Reentry Program Inmate Goes Over Services & Rules
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Community-Based Prison Program: A Prison Daughter’s New Journey

Today, I celebrate my 48th birthday. It’s a bittersweet birthday because my mother is still a CDCR prison inmate. However, she’s been transferred to a new facility, a community-based prison program for women offenders. My mother is now in CCTRP, a community-based prison program that allows women to serve the remainder of their time outside Read More…

Sheila Jarboe-Lickteig, the owner of the Hand Up, checks in on former inmates in the dining room.
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Halfway Houses: Half-Baked Idea? Or Do They Really Work?

Halfway houses are options for inmates reintegrating society, but aren’t quite ready to return to their own lives. What’s their purpose? Do they really work? A few years ago, my brother moved in across the street from a halfway house. One chilly morning, he confided in me that he and his partner were somewhat concerned Read More…

Parole Violations Revolving Door
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Probation & Parole: The Fix for a Costly Justice System?

In a political climate of tight budgets and steadily climbing costs, attention has turned to the prison system as an easy way to cut expenditures. This only makes sense, as according to one estimate by the Vera Institute of Justice in 2010, the average inmate cost was $87 a day back then. Many think parole and probation are Read More…

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Violent Convicts in Maryland Prisons Take Advantage of Early Release for Drug Treatment to Escape

Prison inmates in Maryland prisons are beginning to abuse a Maryland law which allows for early release for drug treatment. Approved by former Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. almost a decade ago, the law is aimed at allowing drug addicts serving prison time to temporarily leave prison and obtain drug treatment. But violent convicts Read More…

Mass incarceration leads to overcrowding and deplorable conditions in prisons and jails.
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New Statistics on the Decline of Mass Incarceration in the US

Reports show that high rates of incarceration do not help reduce crime. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, mass incarceration rates are down in the U.S. The increase in the incarcerated population in the United States has been a constant. With an increase that started four decades ago, it became a problem. Statistics on Mass Read More…

SiriusXM's Last Mile: Second Chances Hosts
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Last Mile: Second Chances – XM’s New Show on Women’s Prison Reform

Last Mile: Second Chances is an exclusive new show that will air at 9.00 am ET on Sirius XM’s urban view channel 126. The show focuses on helping women transition from prison and start afresh. About the Host of Last Mile: Second Chances Topeka K. Sam justice reforms advocate will host the show. Topeka has served 3 Read More…