J. Cole visited San Quentin State Prison to discuss mass incarceration, which he addresses in his album 4 Your Eyez Only.
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Rappers Use Hip-Hop Lyrics to Raise Awareness of Black Selective Justice

2-Part Series: African Americans are the underdog targets of selective justice in the United States. Some Hip Hop artists work hard to advocate for change. Blacks in America are generally at a disadvantage and expected to lose. They are the targets of selective justice. So, it’s not surprising that People of Color dominate the jails and Read More…

Mother Mary Brunner and her son with Charles Manson (his 3rd) Valentine Michael Brunner.
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How is Charles Manson’s 3rd Son with Original Cult Member So Normal?

Unfortunately for the children of Charles Manson, there seems to be no hiding from the legacy of death and destruction that their father left behind. But, one son has done a good job of it. Who are the Children of Charles Manson? There are three boys that Charlie Manson actually claimed as his sons. Son Read More…

Sharon Tate Manson Family Victims
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The Manson Family Victims: Let’s Never Forget Their Names

With recent death of cult leader Charles Manson, it’s time to take remember his “family’s” victims. Today is a good day to do our part to keep his victims’ names alive. Manson Family Victims: The Ones You Don’t Know About In 1969, Manson directed his group, also known as The Manson Family, to start a Read More…

Black-ish criticised by fans for casting Chris Brown in an episode about the treatment of black women.
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Black-ish’s Brilliant Perspective on Having a Loved One in Prison

Black-ish is an ABC series that’s essentially a comedy sitcom. However, its writers have chosen to tackle the ideas of prisoners and jails in the US quite brilliantly. The . Still, it uses up all of its resources to make a point on the state of society today. Throughout its four seasons, the writers have touched on Read More…

Wanda Barzee and Brian David Mitchell when they were young, in love... and FREE.
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Where Are Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnappers Now?

Remember Elizabeth Smart? Ever wonder where her kidnappers  have been and where they are now? We have the scoop on the past and current prison homes of now infamous and famous prisoners Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee. Capturing 14-Year Old Elizabeth Smart in 2002 In 2002, 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was woken up in the room Read More…

Mary Brunner, mother of Charlie's 3rd son, was never really a mother to her prison child.
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Charles Manson’s 3rd Son with Cult Member was Not a Prison Child (Videos)

At the time of his imprisonment, Charles Manson left behind several children. The Manson Family used to live at a place called Spahn Ranch. There, he fathered his 3rd son, Michael Brunner, with cult member Mary Brunner. Names of Manson’s Biologically Proven Sons There were multiple kids born at Spahn Ranch whose paternity’s are unknown. A few Read More…