Learn how prison loved ones can help their incarcerated family and friends create financial security for themselves while behind bars. Help the inmate in your life repair and build credit before coming home.

Erik Finman is a Teen Bitcoin Millionaire
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Help Your Loved One Become a Bitcoin Prison Millionaire (Video)

Erik Finman became a millionaire at just 18 years old investing in Bitcoin. Use his story to help you learn how to help your imprisoned loved one do the same. Times are changing and people are making money in every way possible. Risk takers are taking advantage of every little opportunity they get. Investing in […]

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Guide to Helping Prisoners Invest in Bitcoins & Come Home to Financial Security

The finance of loved ones locked behind bars is always a dicey topic. One of the first challenges is dealing with the potential illegitimate and legitimates calls from Payday loan companies and other credit lenders wanting to claim their debts. On the other end of things are cooperate bodies and individuals who may owe your […]

Learn how to make your incarcerated loved one's bill collectors stop calling you.
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Make Your Locked Up Loved One’s Bill Collectors Stop Calling You

Sometimes if feels like debt collectors will go to the ends of the earth to collect debts. Once someone is incarcerated, the debt collectors will call everyone the incarcerated person ever talked to. If you are a prison father, mother, child or wife– you could be the next person the debt collector harasses. Bill collectors […]

Prison loved ones need to beware of fake bill collectors calling about their incarcerated loved ones' payday loans.
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Are You or Your Imprisoned Loved Ones Targets of Fake Bill Collectors?

Fraudsters are always looking for porous grounds to exploit and incarcerated people’s finances are a cool spot for them. It’s almost common for prison loved ones to receive calls from their acclaimed debtors. One of the most common strategies used by these fraudsters is referring to delinquent payday loans. Knowing the exact way to verify […]

With clean credit, your loved one can buy a home within two years of being released from prison.
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Paying Off Credit Debt: The Cons Creditors Don’t Tell You About

Monitoring the finances an incarcerated loved is one of the very important oversights. From payday lenders to scammers and even debtors, there is an over whelming lot to be concerned about when it comes to inmate finances. Helping incarcerated loved ones maintain a healthy credit score will go a long way in ensuring a stable […]

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People in Prisons Can Actually Work on Their Credit Now… While Still Inside

A good number of prisoners leave prison broke, which leads to recidivism or depression in some cases. Prisoners sometimes inherit debts fraudulently incurred on their credit card details while they were locked up. Legal fees spent in their defense also eats deep into the purse of prisoners and their family in some cases. Watching the […]

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Bitcoin for Prisoners

Bitcoin for Prisoners   The details below is for information and entertainment purposes only.   This is not tax, legal or investment advice.   Always do your own research before investing your money. There’s always a chance you may lose all or part of your profit and initial investment. Every investment isn’t for everyone.   […]