An inmate holding a stack of books amidst a prison book ban.
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Sex and Violence: Books and Publications Banned from Louisiana Prisons

Approximately 950 books have been banned by the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Some of these books include: Fifty Shades of Grey Black Panther Google for Dummies Lady Gaga Extreme Style These are books written by the renowned author Zane. The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur: Don’t let your past Read More…

A man standing in front of tall stacked bookshelves.
Latest News Prison & Prisoner Books

Pennsylvania Prisons Replacing Free Books with Expensive E-books

New e-book library left many unimpressed. Many titles are expensive, useless and add no value to the lives of the incarcerated. Pennsylvania terminated book deliveries to Pennsylvania state prisons in an effort to curb the drug smuggling menace. The new policy has book donation programs, such as the Books Through Bars, Book ‘Em, and orders Read More…

Pennsylvania DOC banned incoming books for all state prisons. Says it will enhance its prison libraries to compensate.
Latest News Prison & Prisoner Books

PADOC Declares ‘War on Books’; Do They Have a Better Option?

On August 29, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) announced a statewide prison lockdown. The main aim was to stamp out drugs coming into the PA state prisons. Now, they’re banning books in all state prisons.  The lockdown ended on September 10. After it was all over, PADOC announced that books from free book programs Read More…

Books are an important asset to many prisoners who use them to occupy their time wisely.
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Banning Books in Pennsylvania Prisons: A Solution to the Drug Crisis?

The PA state prisons lockdown is finally over. However, many policy changes are now in place. Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) implemented the following changes in an effort to combat the drug crisis in their correctional facilities: Visitation policies Mail policies Book policies Pennsylvania DOC Implements New Policy Banning Books & Limiting Mail & Visitations Under the Read More…

Washington State Department of Corrections Prisoner Checks His Emails on JPay Kiosk
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JPay Has the Monopoly on Prison Emails; Racking Up Millions in Revenue

Before technology pretty much took over, people could send their loved ones greeting cards and letters to prisons. Thanks to JPay, this has changed. Some family and friends were notified of the switch from using physical letters to a digital method called JPay to send messages in the worst way. The cards they sent to Read More…

Cuyahoga county justice center
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Cleveland Prison Inmates Relocated as Reconciliation Begins

Since Monday 19th of March, inmates are being transferred the Cuyahoga County Corrections Center from Cleveland’s House of Correction in a deal aimed at regionalizing jails within the county. Cleveland’s city jail officials have announced that they will no longer be taking in new inmates as this move will allow the city as well as Read More…

Curtis Dawkins Book
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Michigan Prison Inmate to Pay for Incarceration Costs after Publishing $150,000 Book Deal

The Michigan Department of Treasury is raking up a debt profile of over $372,000 on a prison inmate who just published a book. Curtis Dawkins, serving a life sentence for robbery and murder earned $150,000 advance payment for publishing a book from prison. Now the Michigan government is dusting up their law books and demanding Read More…