Until the end, there were still reported cases of new and current members and supporters of The Manson Family. At 80 years old, Charles Mason married Storm, and 18-year-old woman, and new member to The Manson Family.
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Court Battle Begins Over Charles Manson’s Body While It Sits on Ice at County Morgue

Charles Manson’s pen-pal and friend, Michael Channels, and grandson Jason Freeman, are locked in a legal battle over the cult leaders remains and estate. Based in Santa Clarita, 52-year-old Channels revealed Manson’s 2002 will sent to him by the famous prisoner disinheriting his children from his estate. He bequeathed all his belongings and remains to Read More…

Inmate Mingle helps prisoners find people to date on the outside.
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Inmate Mingle: New Free Mobile Prison Dating App Hits the Scene (Video)

Who would believe there’d be a mobile prison dating app for meeting incarcerated offenders? It’s called Inmate Mingle. And, it’s very popular these days. New Free Mobile Prison Dating App: Inmate Mingle Hits the Scene Inmate Mingle allows incarcerated offenders to chat and possibly date people on the outside for free. Many people love developing Read More…

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Will Charles Manson’s Body Ever Get to See a Real Grave?

Notorious cult leader Charles Manson in a recent note wrote “I’m not in the best spot to rest in peace.” He signed the handwritten note with his signature. It seems the recently deceased 83-year-old may not rest in peace after all. This is because his body remains unclaimed at the coroner’s office in Kern County, Read More…

Beaumont, Texas was underwater during Hurricane Harvey. Its federal prison was underwater too!
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Hurricane Harvey: Texas Prison Inmate Describes Overflowing Toilets & Lack of Water

Hurricane Harvey descended heavily on southeast Texas in late August. The heavy storms prompted thousands of people to evacuate to safer sites. Prison inmates in many facilities were moved to better facilities in other parts of the state. But some prisoners were unlucky enough to be kept inside their cells as the catastrophic flooding raged. Read More…

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Death Row Inmate Scott Peterson Dedicates Prison Shrine to Murdered Wife Lacy

Death row inmate Scott Peterson currently maintains a prison shrine to his murdered wife, Laci. He is also reported to keep and constantly smooch the photograph of his late wife. Peterson has never admitted to killing his pregnant wife. And, he continues to write prison penpals to maintain his supposed innocence. Peterson, 45, is currently Read More…

Mark Chapman & Barbara Walters in Prison
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John Lennon’s Killer, Mark Chapman, Admits to Meeting Jesus in Prison

Mark Chapman shot and killed Beatles rockstar John Lennon on December 8, 1980. He was sentenced to 20 years-to-life in prison. Chapman wrote a prison letter to a penpal confessing that he met Jesus Christ in prison. He said he also wrote a book explaining his motivations for the killing. In Chapman’s letter to a Read More…

Moors Murderer Ian Brady leaves bizarre things behind after death, including trinkets for his prison pen pals.
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Famous Prisoners: ‘Moors Murderer’ Ian Brady Leaves Gifts for His Prison Pen Pals

Ian Brady, the famous prisoner who was convicted of murdering five children between 1963 and 1964 has died in prison. Incidentally, Brady ‘The Moors Murderer‘ left peculiar boxes of trinkets for his prison pen pals and supporters. Also famously known as the Moors Murderer, he died at the age of 79. He’d spent 51 years behind Read More…

Video discusses black women who love prisoners, why and how these prison relationships benefit them.
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Are Black Women Who Love Prisoners Already Damaged Goods? (Video)

Sheila Isenberg’s book entitled Women Who Love Men Who Kill is an effort to help us understand why so many women are attracted to prison inmates… specifically murderers. Black Women Find Power in Love Behind Bars Sheila Isenberg interviewed countless prison wives, fiances and girlfriends. All of these women had fallen deep in love with notorious Read More…