The enormous costs of receiving calls from prisons in the US is becoming astronomical. Prison phone call companies are making it unaffordable for inmates to call home. We report the news related to these issues.

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Prison Loved Ones Ask FCC to Take Charge Over High Prison Call Rates

Calling a loved one is one of the most satisfying experiences in life. This is even more true for incarcerated inmates calling home to speak to family and friends. Prison Loved Ones Call Upon FCC for Assistance However, call rates from inmates to their loved ones are expensive. This limits how family members get into […]

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Wicked Practices: Replacing Prison Visits with Expensive Video Conferencing

It’s unbearable when your loved one is thrown into prison for a minor infraction. But, it’s just evil when the institution bars you from visiting them. Many prison video conferencing companies charge exorbitant fees to allow you speak to inmates via video screens. It’s is even more wicked when the prison facility forces you to […]

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Research: Fairness Required To End Discrimination in Inmate Phone Call Rates

Inmates in the 64-county jails across Nebraska who intend to call their family members or lawyers pay surprisingly different rates per call. The charges vary depending on location, with poor areas seemingly paying more. Research Conducted on Costs of Nebraska County Jail Phone Calls Research was recently conducted in the facilities under the interest of […]

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Inmates in Northern Illinois County Jail to have Access to Tablets

ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) — Prisoners housed at the Northern Illinois jail will get tablets that will function as a phone and for permitted classes. According to reports from the Rockford Register Star, the tablets will be completely functional on Tuesday at the Winnebago County Jail. The tablets won’t have internet browsing features, social media platforms, […]

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Jails pocket up to 60 percent of what inmates pay for phone calls

Please change title AFTER writing doc. Keywords: what inmates pay for phone calls   Prison Rideshare NetworkPrison Rideshare Network which helps prison loved ones find rides to visit incarcerated family and friends in the US. PRN also reports timely prison loved ones news to keep you informed on what’s happening now as it relates to those […]

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Prisons & Jails Get Up to 60% of What Inmates Pay to Make Phone Calls

Ask anyone who’s ever had to help an incarcerated loved one pay for phone calls if they cost too much. You’ll hear a resounding “Yes.” But, many of the attempts by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to stop the prices of calls from rising have actually been blocked when they go to court. Why Are […]

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FCC Hides under Trump’s Free Market to Harm Prisoners and Hurt Their Families

Just like in everything else, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been exploiting President Trump’s “free market” policy to harm prisoners. The families of inmates also suffer the same fate at the hands of monopolistic. They do this by slamming inmates with as much as $14 per minute of prison calls to families. Relatives of […]

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Prison Phone Operators Not Letting Up On Exploiting Inmates Huge Call Rates

Prison phone operators are not letting up on exploiting prison inmates with high call rates. And prison authorities under the Trump administration are aiding them in this vice. This has left prison inmates and their families to bear the exorbitant costs of communicating via phone calls. With the cancellation of in-person visits across many state […]