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Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish to Transition to Video-Only Inmate Visitations

The State of Louisiana is America’s most carceral State. And in a bid to curb the current situation Jefferson Parish’s sheriff recently announced a new policy for its jails… Video-Only Inmate Visitations. In the statement, soon video conferencing will be the only channel which the prisoners at Jefferson Parish Correctional Center (JPCC) will use to receive Read More…

Tablets in prison
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Allen County Jail Prisoners & Their Loved Ones Using Tablets for Communication

Allen County Jail inmates have been using secure computer tablets for communication and other activities, the sheriff’s department announced Friday. The jail currently has more than 700 inmates with tablets assigned to them. Each inmate receives a tablet upon intake to the jail, with some exceptions made. A statement from the sheriff’s department said: “All of Read More…

The $100 million mansion of Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores.
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Private Prison Business Is Now Even More Profitable Under President Trump… Detroit Pistons Owner Proves It!

The owner of basketball team Detroit Pistons, Tom Gores, is buying Securus. This is proof that the private prison business is becoming the industry for investors. Securus is the second largest prison phone company in the US. Following closely behind GTL, Securus prides itself on being a core provider of “civil and criminal justice technology Read More…

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York County Prison Imposes High Prison Calls Charges to Finance Its Operations (Video)

York County Prison has now joined the ranks for one of the most expensive institutions when it comes to calls home. It imposes high prison calls charges to keep its doors open. Inmate Chris Guido and his prison loved one, Keena Minifield, who live in York City, have recently confirmed this. They share their tough experiences Read More…

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Montana Wants Regulations on Phone Calls Between Inmates and Their Prison Loved Ones

The Montana Public Service Commission has sought the public’s comments on its proposal. Its commissioners have proposed to limit the amount of the charges applied to phone calls between inmates and their prison loved ones. Those opposing the purposed changes argue that the recommended rates wouldn’t allow the carriers to make back their money. Commissioner Tony O’Donnell Read More…

Lightning crashes Volusia jail’s video visitation system
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Lightning Knocks Down Volusia County Jail Video Visitation System for Over a Month (Video)

A lightning strike crashed the video visitation system recently at the Volusia County Jail. Jail officials thought it would be a quick and easy fix. But it wasn’t back up and running for a month and two days after the storm. Lightning Crash at Volusia County Jail Affects Inmates It had become Brittany Crenshaw’s routine to eat, Read More…

A government report suggests that some prisoners should be allowed to Skype to chat with loved ones who can't travel to prisons for visits.
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Government Report Suggests Prisoners Should Be Allowed to Skype with Family

Recently, The Guardian posted about a report submitted that suggests that some prisoners should be allowed to Skype to chat with family. This could help strengthen prison families. The suggestion to use Skype to get in constant touch with family and relatives is geared towards strengthening family ties. It’s a way of preventing re-offending, according to Read More…

The Enormous Costs of Incoming Calls from Jails in Montana May Soon Become More Affordable
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Good News: Costs of Incoming Calls from Jails in Montana May Drop Soon

According to an Independent Record report, incoming calls from jails in Montana may actually get cheaper. These prisoners’ loved ones may soon find prison calls more affordable. Prison inmates and jail detainees in Montana will soon be able to enjoy cheaper calls to their families. This may soon become a reality. The Montana Public Service Read More…

Prison phone call companies, such as Global Tel Link, are creating dubious charges for prison loved ones, making calls from prison unaffordable.
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Prison Phone Call Companies Accused of Ripping Off Customers with Unexplained Charges

Last week, MuckRock published an investigative report on prison phone call companies. It clearly shows that they are hitting prison loved ones with dubious charges. These are not the best of times for thousands of people who have loved ones locked up behind prison bars. Apart from the pains of losing a loved one to Read More…