Prison inmates from Delaware that will take part in the prison transfer to Pennsylvania.
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Hundreds of Inmates Affected by Delaware to Pennsylvania Transfer

Hundreds of inmates are being transferred from Delaware to Pennsylvania. The Carney administration is doing this to save on correctional officers’ overtime pay. The transfer will take place over several months. The Pennsylvania Transfer Aims at Cutting Prison Costs According to Delaware prisons spokeswoman Jayme Gravell, the Pennsylvania Department of corrections will accept at most Read More…

An illustration of an overcrowding prison cell with a revolving door, one inmate struggling to escape.
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Arkansas Law Lowers Parolee Recidivism: Prisons Are Still Overcrowding

Despite the effective leniency law designed to keep parolees out of prison for minor violations, Arkansas prison overcrowding is expected to grow in time. Arkansas’ new Leniency Law went into effect October 1 of last year. This law was made to help keep low-level probation violators (as well as delinquent parolees) from going back Read More…

Massachusetts inmate Alexander Phillips, the state's first example of compassionate release.
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Compassionate Release: Not Quite Freedom, But Beats Dying in Prison

Massachusetts’ first compassionate release occurred last week. The inmate, Alexander Phillips, will get the treatment for his cancer any human would deserve. Massachusetts had its first compassionate release under its new medical parole law. The program allows the state to release inmates who can prove they are terminally ill or so incapacitated that they are Read More…

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (right) shaking a prison inmate's hand at a job fair meant to reduce recidivism.
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Second Chance Program Reduces Recidivism for Arizona Prison Inmates

The Second Chance program seeks to reduce recidivism in Arizona. It aims to achieve this by giving prison inmates aid through job and life skills training. Many prisoners under the program are mainly those highly likely to commit another crime upon release. The Second Chance Program vs Arizona Recidivism Rates The Second Chance Program has Read More…

Sexual offender and elderly inmate Jerry Riddle's mugshot.
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Sentenced at 79… Should Compassionate Release Be an Option?

An 79-year-old man was sentenced to 30 years in prison last week for two counts of assaulting a minor. Does this elderly deserve compassionate release? One week ago, 79-year-old Jerry Riddle, was sentenced to 30 years in Illinois prison for two counts of sexually assaulting a child younger than 13 years old. While the crime is Read More…

Mass Incarceration of Children: Numerous immigrant kids are housed at this overcrowded tent encampment.
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Private Prison Industry Thrives Thanks to Trump’s Immigration Reform (Videos)

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan embraced the idea of for-profit prisons. This led to a big boom. Today, these privately ran prisons are homes to numerous undocumented migrants, including children. Thomas W. Beasley Makes Private Prison History Thomas W. Beasley is a savvy businessman responsible for the big private prison boom of 1983. He Read More…

Vagina Monologues Production at New York's Taconic Correctional Facility
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US Prison Reform: Why Are Incarcerated Women Being Ignored?

Today in U.S. prisons, women are the fastest-growing population. However, the effect this has on their prison families has been extensively disregarded. This was an issue discussed at a New York conference held Wednesday. Steps toward putting into place long-term solutions for women in prisons and their children and families remain too few and far Read More…

Denouncing America's "Debtor Prison" System, Sanders Introduces Bill to End Cash Bail
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Cash Bail System: How the US Punishes the Poor for Being Poor (VIDEO)

The cash bail system currently in use in the US has evolved into a monster that perpetuates poverty and inequality, rather than being a corrective measure. Prisons for debtors were abolished in the United States in 1833. However, it still persists in the form of the cash bail system – a system where people remain Read More…

Even if we agree that prison inmates deserve their incarceration for their crimes, their poor or erratic medical care and unhygienic living conditions reveal a humanitarian crisis. No individual, whether of good or bad character, should be denied the right to basic healthcare, with no holistic rehab in their futures. These conditions aren’t restricted to the worst of the worst. Even inmates who serve sentences for petty crimes may fall victim to the crumbling prison healthcare system within the prison system. Not every crime merits capital punishment. And no laws permit torture. The solution is better mental health and substance abuse care inside and outside prisons. Such care might even result in fewer inmates incarcerated in the first place.
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Guest Post: How Does the Lack of Healthcare in Prisons Put Lives at Stake?

Whenever we fall ill, we immediately have the option of seeing a doctor. The approximately 2.4 million inmates in our nation’s prisons have a totally different story to tell. Often, US prisoners and inmates are deprived of basic health care while they are serving their terms. This has severe consequences during and after incarceration. Harvard Read More…