Two prison staff officers in an Alabama during a staff shortage
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Alabama Prison Staff Shortage Linked to Highest Homicide Rates

Alabama prisons are reported to have the highest homicide rates in the US, and suspicions point to the lack of staff employed by facilities. On December 2, 29-year-old Vaquerro Kinjuan Armstrong was almost stabbed to death at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama. Nearly three hours after the incident, another prisoner at Read More…

Jorge and Anfisa Nava in Court after the 90 Day Fiance star's arrest for possessing 223 lbs of marijuana.
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90 Day Fiance Goes from Reality TV Star to Famous Prisoner

Jorge and Anfisa Nava were once stars on the reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé. Now, one has made moves to become a famous prisoner making the other a prison wife. On Instagram, Anfisa posted about her husband Jorge Nava’s prison sentencing in September. She says she’s trying to stay busy while he’s incarcerated. He was sentenced to 2 Read More…

Mother Hugs Daughter on Valley State Prison Visit
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Christmas Prison Visit: How Many of These Kids Will Return as Prisoners Someday?

As the holidays approach, I find myself reflecting on my Christmas 2016 visit with my mom at California Institution for Women (CIW) in Corona, CA. The visiting room was extra crowded that day, even though a very small percentage of the women inmates get prison visits. This is especially true on Christmas. Most people just Read More…

Brenda Ann Spencer now claims she feels responsible for the latest school shootings.
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Is Brenda Ann Spencer Responsible for the Latest School Shootings?

‘I Hate Mondays’ has become a coined phrase. Many new memes and t-shirts in social media reference this Brenda Ann Spencer famous quote. Now, she feels responsible for all school shootings. I Hate Mondays: Who Is Brenda Ann Spencer? That was her motive for the January 29, 1979 school shooting at Grover Cleveland Elementary School. Spencer, the Read More…

Meek Mill is a proud father who loves spending time with his son, even when he's on the road.
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Does Meek Mill Agree with Trump’s First Step Act for Prison Reform?

CNN’s Michael Smerconish spoke with Hip Hop rapper Meek Mill Friday on how the criminal justice system treats him, Trump and getting into prison reform. He tells the reporter that the system has ways of snatching up young Black men. Then, it keeps them trapped, even if they never commit new crimes. To him, as Read More…

Sean Ingram along with Sean Ingram Academy staff and students smiling, satisfied that they're making a difference in Wake County, North Carolina.
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Sean Ingram Academy is Keeping Kids Out of North Carolina Prisons

Sean Ingram academy was established and designed to keep Wake County kids out of North Carolina prisons, all while teaching them how to succeed. Sean Ingram is a 41-year-old man who works with kids who are at risk in Wake County Public School System. Ingram helps students stay successful and out of North Carolina prisons. Read More…

A noose for in a prison cell.
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Uncountable Prison Deaths: The Rise of Suicide Rates in New Jersey

According to a recent report, it is almost impossible to tell how many people are dying from suicide while in custody at New Jersey correctional facilities. The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur: Don’t let your past dictate your future. You can still achieve your financial goals, even if you’ve Read More…

An inmate holding a stack of books amidst a prison book ban.
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Sex and Violence: Books and Publications Banned from Louisiana Prisons

Approximately 950 books have been banned by the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Some of these books include: Fifty Shades of Grey Black Panther Google for Dummies Lady Gaga Extreme Style These are books written by the renowned author Zane. The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur: Don’t let your past Read More…

Tekashi 6ix9ine Denied Bail in Court. Judge Says He's a Flight Risk.
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Who the H3ll Is Tekashi 6ix9ine? And Why Should We Care?

The internet is buzzing about the rapper known as Tekashi 6ix9ine and his jail woes. But who is this most famous prisoner in New York? And why does everyone seem to care so much about his life? Who Is Tekashi 6ix9ine? Born Daniel Hernandez, Tekashi 6ix9ine is famous for his numerous face tattoos and multi-colored hair. The controversial Read More…

Tekashi Sporting Guns is a persona he can't live up to, says non-fans.
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Tekashi 6ix9ine News: Does Status Entitle You to Special Treatment in Prison?

This past Monday, Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine faltered into a Manhattan courtroom pleading not guilty to charges stating that that he’s a violent, drug-dealing gang member. Is his celebrity status getting him special treatment in jail? Tekashi’s lawyers revealed that Tekashi was transferred to another jail because he received threats from co-defendants. Wearing navy prison scrubs, sporting his signature rainbow-color Read More…