A group of inmates being transferred from Vermont to Kentucky.
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Transfer of Vermont Inmates to an Unknown Mississippi Prison

Due to contract negotiations, Vermont inmates are being uprooted again. This time, all the way to a Mississippi prison. Which one is unclear at the moment. On August 27th, the Department of Corrections (DOC) completed its dialogue with an out-of-state prison. It agreed during the meetings, lawyers and state officials will sign the contract that Read More…

Graffiti meant to promote the 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike.
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The Largest Prison Strike Across the Country Revisited

On August 21st, inmates across the country began perhaps one of the largest prison strikes in national history. Spanning 17 prisons and three weeks (ending on September 9th), the strikes aimed at drawing attention. They want to put an immediate end to what they have termed “modern-day slavery.” To drive change, inmates turned to forms Read More…

ICE Lies - Transfers of Contra Costa ICE detainees sparks protests
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Hudson County Terminates Contract with ICE; No Detainees by 2020

Hudson County has announced that it will terminate its contract for holding immigration prisoners by the year 2020. The detainees have been held in the Hudson County Corrections and Rehabilitation Center. Tom DeGise, the county executive, says this will begin a path to exit. The county renewed a contract in July with the US Immigration Read More…

Abolishing Prisons
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Abolishing Prisons: A Valuable Movement or Just a Dream?

Trump and other political leaders are currently discussing widespread reforms to the US prison system. But there is a growing number of people who want to end mass incarceration and abolish prisons entirely. Much of the opposition to the current prison system stems from the vast over-representation of People of Color. Research by the Sentencing Read More…

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Cannabis and Criminals: A Modern Look at the ‘War on Drugs’

The War on Drugs was created in the 70’s to criminalize and discriminate against Black people and hippie anti-war cultures of the era. Trump may repeat history. There are the many names for cannabis: Bud Grass Weed Marijuana Smoke Dope Pot Greenery Herb There are just as many strong opinions concerning its use and the role Read More…

Drug Courts - Can we make them more effective?
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Idaho Courts Rehabilitate Returning Felons by Keeping Them OUT of Prisons

The special courts of Idaho target lawbreakers who are at a high risk of reoffending. Once they plead guilty, they are enrolled in one of the state’s special programs, instead of being sentences to prisons.  In Idaho, drug courts are just one of the many problem-solving courts available. Ada County’s Drug Court is one of Read More…

Herman Bell on Prison Visit with His Family
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After 46 Years In Prisons, Should Black Panthers Still Hope For Freedom?

Since 1971, 19 members of the Black Panthers movement have remained in prisons. Convicted of the 1971 murders of two New York City police officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones, Panther members like Anthony Bottom were rounded up and incarcerated. They have remained behind bars for 47 years. The group stood for Black emancipation and they Read More…

A hispanic woman holding a little girl protectively, worried something will come after them and a younger woman in the background.
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Outrageous: Detained Immigrants Prefer Deportation to Living in Hell in US Prisons

A number of illegal immigrants  are being held at the Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville, California. They have expressed a desire for deportation. The immigrants would rather have it rough in their home countries than die in a US prison. According to a lawsuit filed against the government, the immigrants contend they are subjected to Read More…

The illinois Women’s Task Force Initiative seeks to decrease the number of women in the state's prisons.
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Illinois Task Force Established to Reduce Women’s Prison Population

Illinois Department of Corrections has implemented the Women’s Task Force Initiative. The main purpose of the all women-led group is to help reduce the state’s population of women of IDOC prisons. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world. According to the chart below from Statista, the number of US prisoners Read More…