Kalief Browder (left) & Akeem Browder (right), whose fighting to shut down Riker's Island forever
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Akeem Browder Continues a Story That Proves the Need for Change

Sixteen is the age when most are planning big parties, college prep tests and driving lessons. But, this wasn’t the case for Kalief Browder, whose case has turned his brother, Akeem, into a prison advocate. And, he wants Riker’s Island shut down for good. Teen-hood is a time parents are trying to wrap their heads Read More…

Two women and two kids outside the wire fence of the St Louis Medium Security Institution (unkindly nicknamed The Workhouse).
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St Louis Medium Security Institution: A Hopeless Place for the Innocent

St Louis Medium Security Institution is famously known as the Workhouse. A modern-day debtor’s prison for the innocent that needs to be closed. In St. Louis, the Medium Security Institution is famously known as the “Workhouse”. It is beyond a hopeless place and needs to be closed down. Organizers, the formerly incarcerated and lawyers continue Read More…

Philadelphia House of Correction
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Philadelphia’s Oldest Jail to Shut Down Operations By 2020

Established in 1927, the oldest jail in Philadelphia, House of Correction (HOC) is to finally shut down operations by 2020. Jail inmates may be moved to other jail facilities in the surrounding areas before 2020 to facilitate the closedown. This development was disclosed by Mayor Kenney and Prisons Commissioner Blanche Carney, Chestnut Hill Patch reports. Read More…