These are programs managed by actual prison inmates that help the local community members surrounding the facility. They include donations, services, missions, etc…

CDCR Prison Inmate Firefighters of San Luis Obispo County
Community Programs for Prisoners

California Inmates on Frontline of the Wildfire Battle: What Are the Benefits?

California’s CDCR inmates are putting their lives on the line and giving it all it takes to fight the wildfire battle. But, will this benefit them in the end? The California wildfire continues to gain momentum through the greater Los Angeles area, it’s successfully: Disrupting businesses Destroying homes Causing the displacement of over 250,000 residents […]

Nevada inmate firefighters helping to battle California wildfires back in 2014.
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126 Nevada Prison Inmates Deployed to Fight Raging California Fires

A total of 126 Nevada prison inmates – 105 men and 21 women – have been deployed to fight the raging wildfires in southern California. The current wildfire is tagged the Thomas Fire and is currently raging in the Ventura area. About Nevada’s Prison Firefighters According to the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) and the […]

Sacramento Gifts from the Heart Program
Community Programs for Prisoners

Gifts from the Heart Program: Prisons Give to Make Christmas Special for the Needy

Two CDCR prisons are giving to the needy this Christmas through the Gifts from the Heart program. This community program for prisoners is awesome! FSP & SAC Join the CDCR Gifts from the Heart Community Program for Prisoners The program runs yearly and is set up by the Department of Health and Human Services for […]

CDCR inmate firefighters fighting out-of-control wildfires that are extremely close to them.
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CDCR Inmates Fight Wildfires for Pennies… Will They Come Home to Jobs?

California prison inmates are fighting out-of-control wildfires for a measly $1 per hour. Yet, CDCR promises to offer them NO help finding jobs when they get out. Let’s be clear. $1 per hour may sound like pennies to those of us on the outside. But, in a prison system where inmates generally make anywhere between […]

South Dakota Women's Prison
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Christian Women Christmas Concert Generates $1,000+for Prison Church

At least $1,000 has been raised for a prison church by way of a Christmas concert. The church is located within the South Dakota Women’s Prison. The money was raised during a Christmas concert held on Sunday at the First United Methodist Church. The church congregation within the women’s prison is called the Church of Hope. […]

SafeTap Being Assembled by Washington State Penitentiary Inmate (Walla Walla)
Community Programs for Prisoners

Prison Inmates Create Water Filteration System to Save Lives in Poor Countries

A group of inmates at the Washington State Penitentiary (WSP), also known as Walla Walla, are doing something positive with their lives. They have developed a water filtration system that filters out harmful bacteria and make water safer. These water filtration devices are shipped out to poor countries facing waterborne diseases. The inmates have perfected […]

Hiland Mountain Correctional Center inmate Marchela Fast holds her daughter Alaziah Fast-Detroy before Fast performs her lullaby at the prison in Eagle River on Saturday. (Bob Hallinen / Alaska Dispatch News)
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Alaska Program Uses Music to Help Mothers Behind Bars Stay Connected with Their Prison Kids

One Alaska program is helping incarcerated mothers stay connected with their children even while behind bars. It encourages better parenting through music. At the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, the prison hosted it’s 2nd annual Project Lullaby Concert. It’s a program that encourages moms in prisons to be good, loving mothers to their children with the […]

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Indianapolis Inmate Creates Her Own Re-Entry Program That Helps the Local Community (Video)

Forty-four-year-old Vanessa Thompson has led other women prisoners to solve two problems with the same stroke in Indianapolis. She developed a re-entry program that enables released inmates to renovate abandoned houses with opportunities to also live in them. There are over 10,000 abandoned houses and lots in Indianapolis – yet housing problems send ex-convicts back […]

Mauricio Argueta Restores Bikes for Christmas
Community Programs for Prisoners

Prison Inmate Refurbishes Hundreds of Scavenged Bikes to Donate for Christmas

Hundreds of kids and adults in El Dorado County and elsewhere are grateful for receiving refurbished bicycles for free. It’s all part of a bicycle restoration program. They receive these free bikes courtesy of Mauricio Argueta, a prison inmate at the Folsom State Prison. Many more kids and adults will also obtain these refurbished bikes for free […]

Inmates Restore Wheelchair for Wheels for the World Program
Community Programs for Prisoners

Wheels for the World: Kansas Inmates Refurbish and Donate Bikes to the Needy

Prison inmates at Ellsworth Correctional Facility in Kansas have found a way to give back to the society. They are proving very responsible and accountable to the general society they left behind. This they do via the Wheels for the World program at the Kansas prison. What is the Wheels for the World Program All […]