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US Army Soldiers Catfished by Prisoners Behind Bars Posing as Underage Girls

Sextortion is about extorting people. These schemes are popular among criminals, including South Carolina prisoners, who catfished and blackmailed US Army soldiers. According to a search warrant filed in a Charleston, South Carolina Federal Court, soldiers that planned on meeting a woman they assumed was close to their ages. Yet, she was anything but that. Read More…

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South Carolina Prison Inmate Reveals Modus Operandi for Smuggling Contraband

An anonymous prison inmate at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina blames prison officials for smuggling contraband into prison facilities. The inmate himself has a mobile phone and uses this to communicate with the outside world via social media. There he revealed details rarely revealed from the inside. A prison inmate at Lee Correctional Institution Read More…

Drones were used to smuggle these drugs and other contraband into a prison.
Prison Contraband

From Carrier Pigeons to Electronic Drones: Prisoners Smuggling Contraband

Several discoveries now reveal that prison inmates are getting bolder and more creative at smuggling contraband. From cellphones to hard drugs, inmates now use carrier pigeons and electronic drones to air-drop contraband. This trend has become worrisome across US prisons because of the danger it poses to prison staff and inmates themselves, Lincoln Journal Star Read More…