The shot of a housing unit in the State Correctional Institution at Phoenix in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.
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Pennsylvania DOC Transfers Thousands While Black Caucus Speaks

Pennsylvania begins transferring thousands of male inmates to new facility, as legislators plan new reform bills for women in prisons in Pennsylvania.   More than 2600 inmates serving their sentences in a Pennsylvania prison are being relocated to a new facility. The former facility has been hosting inmates for the last 89 years. The transfer Read More…

Children with incarcerated parents are often referred to as 'Forgotten Victims of Crime' or 'Orphans of Justice'
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What to Expect from the National Children of Incarcerated Parents Conference

Many prison kids in the US and around the world have to grow up with incarcerated parents. Societal stigma and personal shame are some of the challenges these Forgotten Victims of Crimes must deal with on a daily basis. Attendees of the National Children of Incarcerated Parents Conference hope to address these issues. On April Read More…

What's it like to get married in prison?
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Lisa Ling Explores the Lives & Struggles of Women Engaged to Prisoners

Every time a famous prisoner in the United States gets engaged, married or has a relationship with a woman in the outside world, it becomes national news. Charles Manson, Scott Peterson and the Menendez Brothers all had women swooning over them while in California’s CDCR prisons. Lisa Ling digs deep into the lives of women Read More…

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Love Beyond Bars Founder Shares Her Experience as Prison Wife (Video)

Jenice Green, 35, founded nonprofit Love Beyond Bars to bring succor to women whose husbands are in prison. Green’s husband, Barry, is currently incarcerated at the Bennettsville Federal Correctional Institution in South Carolina. Barry is serving time for possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Green lost her husband to the federal penitentiary just three months after Read More…

Love After Lockup - Dominic 30 & Mary 28
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Love After Lockup: Mary Reveals Her Future Plans With Dominic

It was just the other day that we watched the season one finale of our new favorite show, Love After Lockup. Today, let’s talk about about Mary and Dominic, who currently resides in a half-way house. Mary recently decided to speak up finally about the awkward “non-wedding.” Taking it to the social media, Mary revealed Read More…

Access Securepak Prison Care Packages may be expensive, but it's all some have.
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Prison Care Packages: A Booming Business Breaking Prison Loved Ones’ Banks

Do you have a loved one in prison that you’d love to send gifts to? That’s what prison care packages are all about. Most inmates can get them quarterly. What is a Prison Care Package? During a holiday season, birthday or other special moment, you cannot afford to neglect those you love regardless of the situations Read More…

Bambinisenzasbarre: Prison kids get to play soccer with their incarcerated dads.
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Bambinisenzasbarre: Inmates Get Opportunity to Play Soccer with Their Kids in Prison

Since 2015, the nonprofit organization BambiniSenzasBarre has been organizing soccer matches in several Italian prisons, once a year. BambiniSenzasBarre, which translates to children without bars, has been organizing matches nicknamed La Partita con Papà, meaning The Game with Dad. Activities Undertaken Under Bambinisenzasbarre Program During these events, children of incarcerated parents are given a chance Read More…

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Replacing In-Person Prison Visits with Video Calls: Violation of Inmates’ Legal Rights?

Several state prisons across the US are replacing in-person prison visits with video conferencing only. Now, people are questioning the legality of it. Is this a violation of the prisoners’ legal rights. The question is whether forcing prison inmates to use video calls as means of prison visits, which is expensive to their prison loved Read More…