The Angel Tree prison fellowship program helps moms and dads in prisons give their kids gifts for Christmas.
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Angel Tree Prison Fellowship Program Gives Christmas to Prison Kids (Video)

Angel Tree provides a program that helps prison kids connect with their parents in prison. Volunteers at local churches make it possible for the Angel Tree prison fellowship program’s to thrive. (See video at bottom of post) Angel Tree Prison Fellowship Program: Its Mission There are currently about 2.7 million children in the US who have Read More…

Chelsea Clinton's Now Infamous Tweet About Girls with Moms in Prisons Gets Mocked on Twitter
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Chelsea Clinton Got These Hilarious Twitter Responses to Her Tweets About Girls with Moms in Prisons

On Saturday, Chelsea Clinton tweeted about a Girl Scout program for girls with moms in prisons. Twitter users responded with some really hilarious memes. The Blaze reported on the incident Sunday morning. Friday, Times Magazine posted a story entitled, “Inside a Girl Scout Program That Brings Kids to Prison to See Their Moms.” According to Read More…

Bedtime Story Program
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The Effects of Bedtime Story Programs for Prison Kids

When children face the incarceration of a loved one, hearts break. When children face the incarceration of a loved one the familial bond bears an incredible strain. The one who should be there to kiss skinned knees or offer comfort after a tough school day leaves a gaping hole. In Utah volunteers are doing something Read More…

PACT Video: Kids Visiting Parents in Prison
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PACT Video: Kids Visiting Prison, It Impacts All

Moving video. This is why Prison Rideshare Network, is trying so hard to raise funds to launch our new site, We understand how important it is for these children to have local prison transportation services available to visit their parents in children. If we can raise the capital we need, we can relaunch our Read More…

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Prison Rideshare Network Needs Your Help

Please check out our fundraising project. We are working very hard to raise the capital we need to revamp our site. We could really use your help. Post by Prison Rideshare Network Kiesha JosephKiesha Joseph is the owner of Content Marketing Geek Corporation. Her company provides white hat, inbound marketing services for small businesses, Read More…