Dirty Drinking Water
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Women’s Prison Serves Inmates & Prison Babies Copper-Contaminated Water

Inmates at a Nebraska Women’s Prison complain of dirty, tannish water. Reports say copper levels are too high, including inside the prison’s baby nursery. For a couple of years now, inmates at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women (NCCW) in York have complained about the water quality in the facility. This is the water they Read More…

Parson v. Ryan - ACLU Arizona
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Even After a $1.4 Million Fine, Corizon Still Provides Inadequate Prison Healthcare

Four years down the line, the health care settlement case of the Parson v. Ryan is still in court. Currently, the Arizona case was being handled by a second judge. Judge David Duncan was originally overseeing the case. He has retired and appointed an independant monitor to track the progress of Arizona’s contract with Corizon Health, Read More…

mntal illness and suicides in jails
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GUEST POST: Addressing the Problems of Mental Illness & Treatments in US Prisons

The environment inside a modern prison is different from that usually portrayed in movies and TV programs. 1-in-5 people are imprisoned for nonviolent drug offenses in the US. Not all are hardened criminals. And the most violent have some form of mental illness. In fact, almost half of prison inmates in the United States have Read More…

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Tennessee’s Diabetic Prisoners Denied Insulin Due to Greedy, Cost-Cutting Measures

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has joined a class-action lawsuit against CoreCivic for failing to provide diabetic prison inmates with required insulin shots. Formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America, CoreCivic is one of the largest operators of private prisons in the United States. The detention company owns about 65 prisons and eight immigration detention Read More…

An opium addict sitting on her bed with her knees close to herself as she hides her face in a cloth.
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Philadelphia Women’s Prison Tries Bold Experiment Giving Inmates Opioids

Philadelphia Women’s Prisons prescribing synthetic opioids to inmates upon release. Experiment is in the hopes to reduce fatal overdoses after release. According to the scientific journal Drug and Alcohol Dependency, a third of inmates die from an overdose of heroin after being released from prison. For a city where opioid overdose is already high, the Read More…

Michael Tyrrell, a prisoner, chained to his bed as he's connected to life support machines.
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Should Critically Ill Prisoners Be Released, Or Die In Prison?

State prisons are caring for aged and the critically ill inmates & burying dead prisoners. Shouldn’t aged and ill inmates be released on medical parole? Dead inmates  in a Massachusetts state prison who have no family to take care of their arrangements are buried by prison authorities. Many of the dying inmates are very old or Read More…

Someone in a hoodie obscuring their face clutching at metal bars on a dim day outside.
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The True Facts About Mental Illness Behind Bars & Mass Incarceration

When prisons can’t address mental illnesses properly for inmates, it becomes a larger issue of cruel and unusual punishment leading to mass incarceration. 1.2 million individuals are in jails and prisons each year. Between 300,000 and 400,000 are incarcerated on any given day. These are overwhelming figures for those individuals living with mental illness in Read More…

Muslims on Ramadan praying before they enjoy a meal with each other.
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Judge Orders Fasting Inmates in Washington Be Given Ramadan Meals

A federal court judge has ordered the Washington Department of Corrections to provide adequate Ramadan meals to incarcerated Muslims during their fasting. US District Judge Ronald Leighton has responded to a lawsuit filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The lawsuit, filed on behalf of four inmates at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, Read More…