A mental inmate in a straight jacket sitting in her padded cell, trapped in the prison of her own mind and poor mental healthcare.
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Another Psychiatrist Files Complaint on Mental Health in California Prisons

A new whistleblower complaint from a California Prison psychiatrist sheds light on the inadequate mental health treatment provided for inmates in need. Psychiatric care improvement for California prisoners has been a combat over the years. A federal judge has decided to take action to safeguard yet another psychiatric who has filed a prison mental healthcare Read More…

Even if we agree that prison inmates deserve their incarceration for their crimes, their poor or erratic medical care and unhygienic living conditions reveal a humanitarian crisis. No individual, whether of good or bad character, should be denied the right to basic healthcare, with no holistic rehab in their futures. These conditions aren’t restricted to the worst of the worst. Even inmates who serve sentences for petty crimes may fall victim to the crumbling prison healthcare system within the prison system. Not every crime merits capital punishment. And no laws permit torture. The solution is better mental health and substance abuse care inside and outside prisons. Such care might even result in fewer inmates incarcerated in the first place.
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Guest Post: How Does the Lack of Healthcare in Prisons Put Lives at Stake?

Whenever we fall ill, we immediately have the option of seeing a doctor. The approximately 2.4 million inmates in our nation’s prisons have a totally different story to tell. Often, US prisoners and inmates are deprived of basic health care while they are serving their terms. This has severe consequences during and after incarceration. Harvard Read More…

Florida DOC Claims ALL Inmates Are Safe After Hurricane Micheal.
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Families in Fear: Florida Evacuates Over 4,000 Inmates After Hurricane Michael

The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) has evacuated over 4,100 inmates from its state prisons. Following the devastating impacts of Hurricane Michael, thousands of inmates were moved from two prison facilities badly impacted by the storm. But families of inmates complain of the poor conditions in prisons most damaged by the hurricane. Unfortunately, the prisoners Read More…

Two women and two kids outside the wire fence of the St Louis Medium Security Institution (unkindly nicknamed The Workhouse).
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St Louis Medium Security Institution: A Hopeless Place for the Innocent

St Louis Medium Security Institution is famously known as the Workhouse. A modern-day debtor’s prison for the innocent that needs to be closed. In St. Louis, the Medium Security Institution is famously known as the “Workhouse”. It is beyond a hopeless place and needs to be closed down. Organizers, the formerly incarcerated and lawyers continue Read More…

An image of a woman displaying a tampon to the viewer, her right hand holding the end of it while her left hand holds the string.
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The Humiliating Tampon Ban in Virginia Prisons Suspended

The Virginia Department of Corrections (VDOC) banned tampons into Virginia state prisons.  This policy was already suspended on the 25th of September. The Virginia Department of Corrections (VDOC) proposed a policy banning visitors from entering Virginia state prisons with tampons. The invasive policy was already suspended on Tuesday, the 25th of September. The policy was Read More…

Texas prison inmate David Ford shows off his denture-less mouth.
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Inhumane Policy in Texas Denies Dentures to Prisoners Without Teeth

Texas prisons deny dentures to prisoners without teeth. You need less than seven teeth, be underweight or having additional medical issues for approval. Texas prisons are denying dentures to prisoners without teeth. This inhumane act is due to a prison policy. They categorize chewing as a non-medical necessity. Prisoners are forced to eat blended food like Read More…

A noose casting a shadow in front of the shadow of prison bars.
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A Look at Suicide & the Prisoners Who Make Such Choices

Listed as the second leading cause of death for 15-29 year-olds globally, suicide in our communities is a serious health problem. Estimates show that a suicide takes place every minute. For each fatal attempt, there are as many as 20 non-fatal ones. When it comes to suicide, one of the larger at-risk groups is inmates. Read More…

Mental health is a very fragile thing that must be secured. If our prison system is doing less to rehabilitate ex-convicts and doing more harm that can lead to recidivism and suicide, something needs to change.
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Alabama DOC Fails to Meet Deadlines, Could Be Held in Contempt

Alabama prisons to answer why they have not met deadlines to improve staffing and issues for the lawsuit filed on behalf of mentally ill inmates. Myron Thompson, a U.S District Judge, issued an order against the Alabama DOC. The judge acted on a request made by inmates’ lawyers who filed a lawsuit against the DOC. Read More…

Dirty Drinking Water
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Women’s Prison Serves Inmates & Prison Babies Copper-Contaminated Water

Inmates at a Nebraska Women’s Prison complain of dirty, tannish water. Reports say copper levels are too high, including inside the prison’s baby nursery. For a couple of years now, inmates at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women (NCCW) in York have complained about the water quality in the facility. This is the water they Read More…