An illustration of an overcrowding prison cell with a revolving door, one inmate struggling to escape.
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Arkansas Law Lowers Parolee Recidivism: Prisons Are Still Overcrowding

Despite the effective leniency law designed to keep parolees out of prison for minor violations, Arkansas prison overcrowding is expected to grow in time. Arkansas’ new Leniency Law went into effect October 1 of last year. This law was made to help keep low-level probation violators (as well as delinquent parolees) from going back Read More…

A correctional officer watching over many inmates eating lunch behind bars.
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Prison Population Cuts Necessary in Overcrowded Arkansas Prisons

Jared Henderson, a gubernatorial candidate, has proposed a 20% decrease in the Arkansas State prison population over the next eight years. Overcrowding is one of the major challenges facing our prison system. With such high rates of mass incarceration, many prisons across the country are full and overcrowded. Overcrowding in the Women’s Huron Valley Facility Read More…