An ad for Grant Blvd. featuring two women holding flowers in front of a flowery backdrop.
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Eco-Friendly Clothing Line Raises Funds Towards Prison Reform

Grant Blvd is sewing and selling women’s clothing to do their part to support prison reform. The gear, made from natural materials, supports prison inmates through book donations to Books Through Bars. In its own way, Grant Blvd (a nonprofit) is fighting for prison reform. It does this by sewing trendy clothes using environmentally-friendly materials. Read More…

Darrell C. Scott speaking at a podium.
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Donald Trump is Pro-Black According to an Inner City Pastor

A bill for prison reform, First Step Act is showing President Trump in a positive light. Yet, the bill doesn’t address any of the huge problems with mass incarceration. Is Trump Actually Pro-Black? During a White House roundtable with several inner-city pastors, President Donald Trump was lauded as the most “pro-black president” in recent history. Read More…

Prisoners preparing food cooked by their own hands to for other prisoners.
Latest News Prison Reforms Re-Entry Programs & Jobs

President Trump’s ‘First Step’ Towards Changes in Prison Reform

President Trump take steps towards prison reform. The First Step Act is sent to the Senate for approval. It provides necessary changes for inmates. What do the following people and organizations have in common?  President Donald Trump White House advisor Jared Kushner Equal Justice Initiative Freedom Works Faith & Freedom Coalition Urban League Koch Brothers Van Read More…

No. Kim K did not get arrested. But, she did visit the California Women’s Prison known as CIW.
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Kim Kardashian Takes on Women’s Prison Reform at CIW in Corona, CA

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has over the past few months been working on prison reform projects that have kept the world on the edges of their seats. Kim K-West has been reported to be working with various people that run prison reform organizations. An example is Jared Kushner, President Trump’s adviser, and son-in-law. Jared Read More…

Drawing of NFL Player Colin Kaepernick Kneeling against police brutality and mass incarceration.
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NFL Players Reject Pardons: Demand Prison Reform Instead

NFL players have rejected President Trump’s request for a list of prisoners that he could pardon. The players request for complete prison reform instead. NFL Speaks Out About Mass Incarceration NFL players have made it clear to President Trump. They possess the right to speak on politics and social injustice. They got the fact across Read More…

Kim Kardashian stood strong in her quest to have President Trump release Alice Johnson from federal prison.
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Prison Reform News: Kim Kardashian Successfully Lobbies For Freedom for Alice Johnson

Kim Kardashian met with President Trump to discuss prison reform and the release of Alice Marie Johnson. Just a week later, Trump ordered Johnson’s release. Not everyone is a fan of Kim Kardashian. In fact, the reality TV star is not in everyone’s good graces. But sentiments aside, Kim should be credited when she does Read More…

Alice Marie Johnson some years ago on a prison visit with her family.
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Trump Sets Prison Reform Precedent Thanks to Kim Kardashian

President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson. This comes a week after Kim Kardashian-West’s trip to the Oval Office. There, she spoke to the president about prison reform and pleaded Alice Marie Johnson’s case. Many are still bashing both reality TV stars. However, it marks an important moment for prison inmates, prison Read More…

Kim Kardashian Meets with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House.
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Is This a Joke? President Trump Meets with Kim Kardashian on Prison Reform???

After cancelling perhaps one of the most historical international meetings of our time, President Trump turns his attention back home. And the first issue on his mind is a topic that is very important to prison loved ones: prison reform. But, he met with Kim Kardashian to get the job done? Seriously? No way. 2 Read More…

Texas Death row
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Prison Reform & Restitution Act Gives Ex-convicts Opportunities for Change

Every year, approximately two million people are locked up in prisons. 95% get released, resulting in 650,000 ex-convicts back on the streets. Within time, two-thirds will be arrested again for new crimes. With the Prison Reform and Restitution Act, ex-convicts have a chance to succeed in society upon release. Every year, approximately two million people Read More…

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The Plea for California to Pass the Equity & Justice Package

Incarceration would be reformed in California if the Equity and Justice package is passed. The state legislators were urged by over 50 people to consider passing the three legislative bills. It would be fair enough for the incarcerated and their families regarding sentences dished out. The Hearing and Testimonials to Pass the Equity and Justice Read More…