Florida DOC Claims ALL Inmates Are Safe After Hurricane Micheal.
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Families in Fear: Florida Evacuates Over 4,000 Inmates After Hurricane Michael

The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) has evacuated over 4,100 inmates from its state prisons. Following the devastating impacts of Hurricane Michael, thousands of inmates were moved from two prison facilities badly impacted by the storm. But families of inmates complain of the poor conditions in prisons most damaged by the hurricane. Unfortunately, the prisoners Read More…

Hurricane Harvey Leaves Beaumont Prisoners Stranded, Limited Communication with No Outside Support in 2017.
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Hurricane Florence: Prison Advocates File Lawsuit to Force Evacuations

South Carolina prison officials are not allowing inmates to evacuate two of its state prisons in the wake of Hurricane Florence. An advocacy group is fuming about it, filing a federal lawsuit to get prisoners to safety. Wednesday, Nexus Derechos Humanos Attorneys Inc. filed a 15-page legal complaint regarding the situation. The reports says that about Read More…

A Texas State prison unit is submerged by water from the flooded Brazos River in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, in Rosharon, Texas
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Hurricane Florence Prison Evacuations Updates: Who’s Not Evacuating?

Due to the threat posed by Hurricane Florence, many have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety. This is however not the case for everyone, especially prison inmates. As bad as the storm has been described to be, all orders that have been put out for people to vacate immediately. Despite the Read More…

A shot of a prison in Rosharon, Texas, during Hurricane Harvey.
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Inmates and Residents Leave Virginia Ahead of Hurricane Florence

Virginia has been declared a state of emergency and Hurricane Florence heads towards the East Coast. Prisoners and residents relocating. South Carolina Ignores Inmate Relocation Orders For Hurricane Florence Relocation From Virginia State Prison Inmates housed at the Virginia State Prison are being relocated before the arrival of Hurricane Florence. The relocation was ordered by Read More…

During Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of inmates were abandoned and left for dead by the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Department.
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SCDOC Makes Hundreds of Prisoners Suffer Through Hurricane Florence

The county surrounding MacDougall Correctional Facility is currently under a mandatory evacuation. This is due to the Category 4 Hurricane Florence headed that way. However, South Carolina DOC officials have no intentions on moving its inmates to safer facilities. Are SC Inmates in Danger of Hurricane Florence? Currently, more than 650 South Carolina prison inmates are being held Read More…

A group of protestors in support of the 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike.
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Is the Right Information on the Prison Strike Reaching the Public?

Killings in prisons, violence, and the strike has limited media coverage. The media has struggled to convey information from the prisons to the public.   August 21st marked the beginning of a nation-wide prison strike. The strike was fueled by many things. The sluggishness of the authorities to act is a main point. The violence Read More…

Graffiti meant to promote the 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike.
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The Largest Prison Strike Across the Country Revisited

On August 21st, inmates across the country began perhaps one of the largest prison strikes in national history. Spanning 17 prisons and three weeks (ending on September 9th), the strikes aimed at drawing attention. They want to put an immediate end to what they have termed “modern-day slavery.” To drive change, inmates turned to forms Read More…

Angola Prison: Arkansas uses FORCED, unpaid labor to thrive.
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US Inmates Strike for Fair Wages: Authorities Downplay Nationwide Impact

Who can we actually count on when it comes to prison reform? Congress just doesn’t seem to get it. All federal efforts to make changes toward reform continuously fail. And, the states don’t seem to want to act fast enough, coming up with one excuse after the next for getting things going. However, there is Read More…

10 Prison Strike Demands
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Prison Strikes Across the Country; The Who, When, Where & Why

To combat the injustices and horrible treatment they receive behind bars, inmates in 17 prisons across the country are participating in what may be one of the largest prison strikes in U.S. history. The mass prison strike is expected to run for three weeks beginning August 21st and ending on September 9th. Inmates will engage Read More…

A poster informing the public of the US' 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike.
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How You Can Support the Largest Prison Strike Happening Across the US

Prisoners in 17 prisons located across the United States have gone on strike. The strike began Tuesday, August 21st. The strike continues for 3 weeks. The incarcerated are protesting against the poor prison conditions and the need for reforms. During the strike, the prisoners engage in sit-ins and go without food. Some of their grievances Read More…