A prisoner being filmed while handcuffed and watched by two guards.
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Top 7 Prison Docuseries Taking Netflix Viewers by Storm in 2018

Docu-series on Netflix are having a blast making life interesting for their fans. Shows like Making a Murderer are making fans become and feel like armchair detectives. Here are the top seven docu-series with prison-related subjects on Netflix. We have ranked them from best to least interesting. Top 7 Netflix Prison Docu-Series – August 2018 Read More…

Laura Gomez as Blanca Flores in a scene from Orange is the New Black.
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Orange Is the New Black Makes ICE Connection Under Trump’s Administration

Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black reflects a lot on Trump’s zero-tolerance policy. While the show keeps anyone riveted to their seats, it provides a peak into the racial imbalances. Spoiler Alert: OITNB Touches on Immigration & US Prisons One of the storylines of this season’s OITNB on Netflix (including the final episode, spoiler Read More…

Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano on the set of Escape at Dannemora.
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Showtime’s ‘Escape at Dannemora’: The Real Love-Triangle and Prison Break Story

Escape at Dannemore is Showtime’s version of the real-life prison break in 2015. Starring two prisoners and an employee who helps break them out of prison.   The prison escape three years ago involving two prisoners and a forbidden prison love story has caught the attention of the camera. The event boomed the media in Read More…

The cast of Orange is the New Black posing in-character for a promotional photo.
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Freedom Defined by ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 6

In the new season of ‘Orange is the New Black’, certain characters illustrate the nuances of what freedom means for inmates after their sentence. Season 6 of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ launched on July 27th. The Netflix series has reached a point where traditional freedom is now an option for some inmates, stirring up Read More…

Steven Avery being escorted by police in a prison uniform.
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Good News For The ‘Making a Murderer’ Fans: New Docuseries Coming

New docuseries based on the popular Making of A Murderer on Netflix. The prosecution is able to give their side of the story on Steven Avery’s case.   Many fans of the amazing Making a Murderer docuseries now have a reason to smile. The follow-up project is coming soon! This follow-up project is titled Convicting Read More…

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Girls Incarcerated Update: Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility Is Now Closed

The Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility is a prison for teen girls located in Indiana. It was featured in the Netflix documentary Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up, and has now shut down. All of the young ladies at the facility have been moved to another juvenile prison facilities. Girls Incarcerated: A Look Inside Madison Juvenile Correctional Read More…

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It’s a Hard Truth Ain’t It: New Prison Movie Addresses Issues of Criminal Justice

The US criminal justice system has no doubt failed us all. But film producer Madeleine Sackler is trying to change that with her latest documentary It’s a Hard Truth Ain’t It. The film premiered a few days back at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. It addresses the problems related to mass incarceration in Read More…

Girls Incarcerated Chapter 8 Moving Mountains
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Girls Incarcerated: The Pros & Cons of a Show About Teen Incarceration

Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up is a TV show about teen incarceration… specifically girls. The show, which follows the troubled lives of 15 teenage girls in Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility located in Indiana, has received mixed reviews. Viewers get to see the lives of these incarcerated teens from the inside. The first season premiered Read More…

Wentworth Women's Prison Season 3
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Wentworth Women’s Prison Series Continues to Address Gender Politics

ABC issued a press release in early March publicizing that Wentworth, the popular Australian women’s prison drama, would unveil its free-to-air first appearance on April 12. The much anticipated Foxtel drama has become known globally. But, it’s the gritty drama’s ability to touch on gender politics that makes it so profound. About Wentworth: Australia’s Gritty Read More…

What's it like to get married in prison?
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Lisa Ling Explores the Lives & Struggles of Women Engaged to Prisoners

Every time a famous prisoner in the United States gets engaged, married or has a relationship with a woman in the outside world, it becomes national news. Charles Manson, Scott Peterson and the Menendez Brothers all had women swooning over them while in California’s CDCR prisons. Lisa Ling digs deep into the lives of women Read More…