A noose for in a prison cell.
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Uncountable Prison Deaths: The Rise of Suicide Rates in New Jersey

According to a recent report, it is almost impossible to tell how many people are dying from suicide while in custody at New Jersey correctional facilities. The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur: Don’t let your past dictate your future. You can still achieve your financial goals, even if you’ve Read More…

Prison Suicide: Tanna Jo Fillmore killed herself in a Utah county jail cell.
Breaking News Prison Suicides & Deaths

Utah County Jails Under Fire Again as Mother Sues Over Daughter’s Suicide

Utah county jails have a common major problem: prison suicides. And more than likely most could have been prevented. Finally, someone is standing up and making the prisons pay for what they have done wrong. Unfortunately, it’s after another prison death. Duchesne County Jail is a 2-hour trip from Salt Lake City, Utah. There, a Read More…

Bryan Perry died while in custody at Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City. 
Breaking News Prison Suicides & Deaths

Multiple Deaths in Oregon Jails & Prisons Lead to Lawsuits Against Corizon Health

Imagine the shock of the news of yet another death of an inmate. This makes four in one month in Oregon DOC facilities. Yes, that’s right, just a month! These prisoners’ deaths did not take place at the same OR correctional facilities. However, some have raised eye brows of suspicion to the news. Or, could Read More…

An image of Michael Eddings holding his son when he was still alive.
Latest News Prison Suicides & Deaths

Prisoner Dies in Alabama Prison: Family Cries Foul Over Medical Care

On 24th September, Michael Eddings died of meningitis in the Ventress Prison in Southeast Alabama. Eddings was serving a life sentence for murder On the 24th of September, an inmate died in a full and overcrowded Ventress Prison in Southeast Alabama. Michael Eddings, 45, died of meningitis, a disease that involves the spinal cord and Read More…

An image of Andrew Leighton during his trial, where he plead guilty to shooting his mother to death.
Latest News Prison Suicides & Deaths

Another Prison Inmate Dies While Incarcerated in a Maine Prison

Andrew Leighton, died in Maine prison. The 51-year-old was serving his sentence for killing his mother. He should have been in a mental institution instead. Andrew Leighton died on Monday, the 1st of October in Maine state prison located in Warren. The death was announced by Joseph Fitzpatrick, the Department of Corrections commissioner on Monday Read More…

A noose casting a shadow in front of the shadow of prison bars.
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A Look at Suicide & the Prisoners Who Make Such Choices

Listed as the second leading cause of death for 15-29 year-olds globally, suicide in our communities is a serious health problem. Estimates show that a suicide takes place every minute. For each fatal attempt, there are as many as 20 non-fatal ones. When it comes to suicide, one of the larger at-risk groups is inmates. Read More…

28 images of convicts that were found deceased in Utah jails.
Latest News Prison Suicides & Deaths

Investigations Show 20 Inmates Lost Their Lives in Utah Prisons in 2017

State investigators revealed 20 prisoners died in Utah detention facilities last year. Many more died in 2016. Reports done at the instigation of lawmakers.   The Utah State Department of Corrections revealed 20 inmates died in state prisons in 2017. The Department of Corrections made the disclosure after lawmakers compelled them to investigate prison deaths in Read More…

Inmates Michael Montrell Norwood and Milton Craig's pre-mortem mugshots.
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16 Prison Deaths in Mississippi Cause Uproar Among Family Members

16 inmates deaths in Mississippi in only one month raises a lot of questions. Yet, The families have more questions than answers about their loved ones.   Deaths in a detention center just like in society can be caused by unavoidable and natural circumstances. In some incidences, prison deaths can be caused or hastened by Read More…

Wakeshia Wilson was found dead in her Los Angeles jail cell. Her loved ones do NOT believe it was suicide.
Prison Suicides & Deaths

Wakeisha Wilson’s Family Challenges LAPD Over Her Questionable Death (Video)

Wakeisha Wilson died in 2016 in police custody. Initially, her death was ruled as suicide. Her family and the Black Lives Matter Los Angeles members rejected Wilson had committed suicide while in custody. A meeting at the LAPD turned ugly when Wilson’s aunt threw her cremated ashes at the Police Chief, so she can “stay Read More…