Locked Up & Shipped Away. Interstate Prisoner Transfers and the Private Prison Industry.
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Locked Up & Shipped Away: Prison Transfers & the Ones Who Profit

For those of us with family members on the other side of the bars, prison visits aren’t always easy to make. This is especially true when inmates are shipped off to out-of-state prisons. Stressed relationships, the need for those extra hours of pay, the bureaucracy of the prison itself, and raising a family are all Read More…

Oregon has implemented a Veteran Unit at one of its prisons. Yet, it illegally takes money from disabled veteran inmates.
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Oregon DOC Investigated for Illegally Taking Money from Disabled Veterans

Last year, the Oregon Legislature came up with a way to collect debts from its prisoners. Yet, an exception was made where they forbade the Oregon Department of Corrections (ORDOC) from collecting any money from its veterans’ disability checks. Oregon Youth Authority Working to Ensure Juveniles Complete Education While in the System Oregon DOC Disobeys Read More…

A group of protestors in support of the 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike.
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Is the Right Information on the Prison Strike Reaching the Public?

Killings in prisons, violence, and the strike has limited media coverage. The media has struggled to convey information from the prisons to the public.   August 21st marked the beginning of a nation-wide prison strike. The strike was fueled by many things. The sluggishness of the authorities to act is a main point. The violence Read More…

Graffiti meant to promote the 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike.
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The Largest Prison Strike Across the Country Revisited

On August 21st, inmates across the country began perhaps one of the largest prison strikes in national history. Spanning 17 prisons and three weeks (ending on September 9th), the strikes aimed at drawing attention. They want to put an immediate end to what they have termed “modern-day slavery.” To drive change, inmates turned to forms Read More…

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Pregnancy in Prisons: Are the Kids Going to Be Okay?

  With many mothers incarcerated, what happens to their children? What happens to the babies after birth? How are the children impacted in the long run? According to experts, of the 112,000 women in federal and state prisons in the United States, 1 in 25 are pregnant. It is no secret that the United States has Read More…

Hunger Strike Handbook
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Prison Workers Committee Calls for Action Against GEO Group’s NWDC

More than 200 inmates at Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, Washington began a hunger strike on August 21. They also ceased all prison labor as part of the nationwide prison strike of 2018. Prisoners at NWDC have already gone on three hunger strikes so far this year alone. GEO Group, a FOR PROFIT private Read More…

California Institution for Men, Chino, CA. August 2009 riot aftermath
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Does Phasing Out CDCR Sensitive Needs Yards Really Help the System?

Back in the late 1990s, CDCR started identifying what they called vulnerable prisoners. They created Sensitive Needs Yards to provide them with protective housing units in early 2002. Then, the Associated Press published its findings on these yards. They found that they’d developed underlying problems that led the inmate homicide rate in California prisons to Read More…

A group of four prison inmates that once belonged to rival gangs, and now share each other's company through safely monitored sensitive needs programs at CDCR.
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Protective Housing Units in California Prisons: Are They Any Different From General Population Units?

California began classifying certain assailable prions inmates In the late 1900’s as needing special protective housing created.  As early as 2002, these Special Needs Yards have cared for those inmates.  Over time, these Special Needs Yards developed their own problems, thus pushing California’s prisons inmate homicide rate to a staggering double the national average Slowly Read More…

Babies Behind the Bars of Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies
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Raising Babies Behind Bars: A Closer Look at Prison Nursery Program in Illinois

Nationwide, prison nursery programs remain scarce in the US. But 11 states have opened these facilities among the dramatic growth in the number of women in prisons.  A daring experiment in parenting and punishment continues to set off a fierce debate across the nation when it comes to babies in prisons. What Are Prison Nursery Read More…