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North Carolina Prisons To Review Restraint Policy On Pregnant Inmates

Prisons in North Carolina will not allow the use of hand or leg restraints on expectant convicts following the complaint that two pregnant women were handcuffed on a hospital bed during childbirth. SisterSong promotes reproductive rights for the women of color.       New Policy for Pregnant Inmates Signed By Authorities The policy signed Read More…

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From Carrier Pigeons to Electronic Drones: Prisoners Smuggling Contraband

Several discoveries now reveal that prison inmates are getting bolder and more creative at smuggling contraband. From cellphones to hard drugs, inmates now use carrier pigeons and electronic drones to air-drop contraband. This trend has become worrisome across US prisons because of the danger it poses to prison staff and inmates themselves, Lincoln Journal Star Read More…

Montana Rejects CoreCivic Offer
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Private Prison Company CoreCivic Negotiations with Montana DOC Stalled

Montana Department of Corrections and CoreCivic are at a stalemate in discussions. This comes just about a year before the expiration of the contract of the private prison company to run Crossroads Correctional Center, causing the state to buy the 550-bed Shelby prison. Villa said on Thursday that the state presented two offers and banned the Read More…

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Killer Siblings Reunited In Prison after 17 Years

The Mendez brothers have been reunited in a Southern California prison 17 years after being sentenced to life in prison for killing their parents in 1989. Reunited According to reports from the corrections department, Lyle (50) was moved to the R.J. Donovan correctional facility in February, housed in a different unit from little brother Erik Read More…

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Worley: Convicted Killer to Get Life Sentence or Worse

According to an article on The Toledo Blade dated April 3, 2018, following the conviction of James D. Worley for the aggravated murder of 20-year-old Ms. Sierah Joughin, forensic and neuropsychologist John Fabian hired by the defense, said in his testimony during the penalty phase that family history and available medical and court records along Read More…

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Washington State Prisoners Hold Hunger Strike To Protest Poor Food Quality

Prison officials have reported that inmates started a hunger strike at the Washington State Penitentiary. According to the public information officer of the Penitentiary, Allison Window, about 800 prisoners from five units did not turn up for lunch on Sunday. They are protesting the bad quality of the facility’s food. Washington State Penitentiary Hunger Strike Washington state Read More…

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Alabama Sheriffs Divert Government Funding Meant For Prisoners’ Feeding For Personal Uses

Activists debate the legality of using government funding meant to feed prisoners in Alabama for personal purposes.  Since state and local laws turn a blind eye on Alabama sheriffs using prison feeding money for private objectives, the question is whether it is not a crime under federal law. This argument became necessary since Etowah County Read More…

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Lawmakers Hit a Roadblock in Their Efforts to Address Overcrowding In Nebraska Prisons

According to a report on USnews on March 27, 2018, Lawmakers are having a hard time addressing many problems, including overcrowding in the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. According to Senator Laura Ebke, of Crete, the five bills were not meant to be controversial and were actually planned towards reducing the prison population in the Read More…

Shawn Corey Carter Jay Z
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Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Invests Heavily in Promise; an App which Promises to Improve the Criminal Justice System

The justice system is massively flawed, biased, and ironically unjust. This is the tale many black families recounts with so much sorrow and sadness. One in nine black children has a parent behind bars and the reason for the incarceration is most likely inability to afford bail. Jay Z has decided to lend his voice Read More…