Red Onion State Prison in Wise County is Virginia's only super-maximum prison.
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Shocking Report Shows Virginia Mass Incarcerates Low-Risk Offenders

A tool developed to make room for hardened criminals in Virginia prisons has revealed low-risk offenders are being sent to prison instead of being diverted to community-based programs. Prison cells that should be reserved for violent criminals are now used for non-risky offenders, leading to prison overpopulation. The tool is a questionnaire known as Virginia’s Read More…

Inmates, prison loved ones and prison activists all want Riker's Island shut down for good.
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Local Residents React to New Jail Constructions in South Bronx (Video)

Following an announcement made in February, plans are underway to shut down the New York jail complex on Rikers Island. The jail will be replaced with smaller, safer jails that will be constructed in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Residents in the Bronx react differently to having a jail in the local area. Issues Read More…

Over Crowded Californian prison
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Lawmakers Hit a Roadblock in Their Efforts to Address Overcrowding In Nebraska Prisons

According to a report on USnews on March 27, 2018, Lawmakers are having a hard time addressing many problems, including overcrowding in the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. According to Senator Laura Ebke, of Crete, the five bills were not meant to be controversial and were actually planned towards reducing the prison population in the Read More…

Cuyahoga county justice center
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Cleveland Prison Inmates Relocated as Reconciliation Begins

Since Monday 19th of March, inmates are being transferred the Cuyahoga County Corrections Center from Cleveland’s House of Correction in a deal aimed at regionalizing jails within the county. Cleveland’s city jail officials have announced that they will no longer be taking in new inmates as this move will allow the city as well as Read More…

89 year old inmate, Eddie Jones of the Coxsackie Correctional, New York
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Terminal Disease or Not, Old Age or Not, Complete Your Sentence or Leave Prison in a Coffin

As far as the Bureau of Prisons is concerned, no prison inmate will ever be released. Except of course they complete their prison sentence, or be carried out in a coffin. The terminally sick and very old may be released early on legally compassionate grounds, but the bureau is largely having none of that. It Read More…

Federal Prison Guard posing
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Nurses, Teachers, Cooks Take Up Guard Duties to Fill Up Security Roles in Federal Prisons

Shortage of prison guards in federal prisons across the United States is giving rise to role reversals within correctional facilities. Prison employees who were not trained to function as guards are now drafted into the roles without any prior warning. It is either they accept the new security roles imposed on them or find the Read More…

Mass incarceration leads to overcrowding and deplorable conditions in prisons and jails.
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Decarcerating America: New Book Offers 3 Tiers of Health Solutions to Mass Incarceration

A new book titled Decarcerating America: From Mass Punishment to Public Health written by epidemiologist Ernest Drucker goes on sale on February 20. This book examines the problems of mass incarceration in America and proffers three tiers of solutions to curbing the phenomenon. It addresses this problem from a public health perspective. Author of A Plague of Read More…

The Department of Corrections (DOC) in Washington is shifting to more gender-specific treatment of women in prisons. (Mike Siegel/Seattle Times/MCT)
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Rates of Women Incarceration Worldwide Higher Than Population Growth

The rates at which women are getting locked up globally are becoming very alarming. They are thrown into prisons in every country at rates higher than the population growths of each country. To make matters worse, women are incarcerated for many offenses that men would walk for ultimately. With millions of women entering the labor Read More…