A black woman protesting the lack of employment that she and many other black women are offered in society.
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Discrimination at Play: Finding Work After Incarceration as a Black Woman

Black women released from prisons have a harder times finding a job than anyone. Their unemployment rate is 43%. Steps need to be taken to reduce unemployment rates for them.   It’s no secret that reintegrating after incarceration is difficult. For a system that includes the name “corrections” in its title, our prison system is Read More…

Second Chances Text
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Pennsylvania Pushes ‘Clean Slate Bill’: Reducing Recidivism with 2nd Chances

The Clean Slate Bill gives non-violent, low-level offenders 2nd chances. It seals the past criminal records of those who have earned the right to start new lives without criminal records. Legislation is moving forward with support for the new Clean Slate Bill. Pushed in Pennsylvania by Rep. Jordan Harris (D-PA), the bill gives non-violent, low-level Read More…

A transgender inmate speaking with other cellmates for support.
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Basic Rights for Inmates: Ever Heard of the Transgender Offender Manual?

Trump’s Administration is at it again. They have issued changes in policy of the Federal Prison Bureau. It is aimed at transgender inmates. A recent lawsuit filed by three women inmates in Texas against transgender prison inmates. Their suit does not follow proper procedures for grievances. It may be tossed due to prejudices and biases. Read More…

Women Behind Bars TV Series
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Women Behind Bars: Drug Addiction & Lack of Resources Perpetuate Recidivism Cycle

Women Behind Bars is a prison TV series that reveals drugs is the main reason ladies return back to jail over and over again. Without resources or drug programs to help them, the cycle continues. A lifetime of drug dependency keeps sending thousands of American women back to jails. Many of these incarcerated women have Read More…

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The Effects of Prison Visitation on Offender Recidivism in the US

Visitations for inmates heavily impact their integration back into society upon release and whether they will re-offend and add to recidivism rates. Many families are too far to visit or inmates lack the necessary support system while incarcerated. Until the system changes, inmates don’t have the tools to live a crime-free life upon release. Dealing Read More…

Latest News Recidivism in the US

Second Chance Program: Changing the Lives of KC Offenders Re-Entering Society

Every year over 4,000 offenders re-enter Kansas City metropolitan area from various prisons. Many of these inmates have very little hope of finding food, good housing and employment opportunities on their own. So they tend to go back to crime to make ends meet. Second Chance helps these ex-inmates re-enter society prepared to take on the Read More…

Voter fraud in the USA
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“I’ll Never Vote Again,” Texas Woman Says after Being Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Voting

Forty-three-year-old Crystal Mason had the rights to vote under federal law, but not under Texas state law – because she was a felon on probation. She was recently released from federal prison after a 3-year sentence. Now she is going back to prison to spend five more years for voting because she did not realize Read More…