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Second Chance Program: Changing the Lives of KC Offenders Re-Entering Society

Every year over 4,000 offenders re-enter Kansas City metropolitan area from various prisons. Many of these inmates have very little hope of finding food, good housing and employment opportunities on their own. So they tend to go back to crime to make ends meet. Second Chance helps these ex-inmates re-enter society prepared to take on the Read More…

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“I’ll Never Vote Again,” Texas Woman Says after Being Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Voting

Forty-three-year-old Crystal Mason had the rights to vote under federal law, but not under Texas state law – because she was a felon on probation. She was recently released from federal prison after a 3-year sentence. Now she is going back to prison to spend five more years for voting because she did not realize Read More…

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Tough on Crime While Breaking the Prisons Vicious Cycle with Ladder of Opportunities for the Future

President Donald Trump has again issued some good news to inmates. The president wants prisoners to spend their time in prison. However, he also wants to give them a chance to be able to get out early. This break and opportunity will be available to those who prove they are prepared to re-enter the society Read More…

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Trump Develops ‘Bully Pulpit’ to Support After-Release Services to Fight Recidivism

Often, people leaving prisons after they’re released find life too difficult. This causes them to go back to their crime life and be arrested again (recidivism). Trump claims his Bully Pulpit will fix that. Donald Trump’s White House Deploys ‘Bully Pulpit’ President Trump deployed a bully pulpit which will help in turning released prisoners’ lives around. To Read More…

Trump's Prison Reform Is Cause for Locking Him Up and Throwing Away the Key.
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Trump Camp Killing Programs That Help Inmates Re-Enter Society (Video)

Recently, locked up inmates across the US switched on TVs to see politicians grill the Bureau of Prisons’ new chief Mark Inch about re-entry programs. Inch was appointed as the bureau’s barely three months ago under Trump administration, but he has done a lot in that short time. Many of Inch’s changes are hurting the Read More…

A New Way of Life: Susan Burton created the re-entry program for women who have spent decades in prisons.
After Release Programs Prison System Issues Recidivism in the US Women's Prisons

Women Are Creating New Purpose-Filled Lives After Their Prison Releases

Susan Burton is highly praised for opening her home up to strangers. She also provides other resources to offer safe healing environments for the women being released from prisons. She’s helping these ex-inmates create new purpose-filled lives. The Birth of Susan Burton’s New Purpose-Filled Life Very few people will be willing to welcome fresh ex-convicts Read More…

Electronic monitoring may actually help reduce recidivism in the US.
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Report: GPS Monitoring Reduces Incarceration & Recidivism in the US

A professor emeritus of criminal justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice – Cuny, Barry Latzer, has proven the case for electronic monitoring for released criminals. Professor Latzer says electronically tagging paroled offenders and those on probation is essential for lower recidivism and public safety. He based his insights on the fact that Read More…

Former inmate Terrance Coffie went on to obtain a Master's degree from NYU.
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Former Inmate Reveals: Walking Out of a Jail Cell Doesn’t Make a Prisoner Free

Former inmate Terrance Coffie has revealed that walking out of a jail cell is not the same as being completely free. The challenges that many released inmates face out in the streets alone make the security of jail cells more desirable than walking the streets free for some. Any slip or unintended violation can land Read More…