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Common, Hope & Redemption Tour: Folsom State Inmates Feel the Hope

Following the kick off of the Common, Hope & Redemption Tour,  the “Barbershop 3” actor, Common has brought his activism to the forefront with his very own “Imagine Justice Initiative” once again by adorning Folsom State Prison inmates with their very own private concert. And … the hip hop icon, poet, film producer, and actor Read More…

Recidivism in the US

Texas’ Prison Treatment and Rehabilitation Program Necessitates White House Meeting

The treatment and rehabilitation programs in Texas prisons have necessitated a White House conference. The conference was to study Texas’ prison reentry model and modify it for federal prisons across the country. The ultimate aim is to reintegrate former inmates into the society rather than allow them to find their ways back to prison. The Read More…

Prison Fellowship Academy Celebrates 15 Years of Fighting Recidivism
Recidivism in the US Videos & Audios

Prison Fellowship Academy Successfully Beating Cycle of Re-Incarceration (Video)

MINNEAPOLIS  – Prison Fellowship Academy is a prison program founded on faith. It celebrates 15 years of successfully reducing the chances of re-offending among inmates. This is their effort to fight recidivism. Through aid and backing of community mentors, Prison Fellowship Academy at Lino Lake have helped bring inmates to the understanding that their lives and Read More…

Common Hugs a Girl Named Red at CIW prison in Corona, CA
Celebrity Prison Visits & Causes Prison System Issues Recidivism in the US Videos & Audios Women's Prisons

Hope & Redemption Tour: Common Speaks to ‘A Girl Named Red’ (Video)

Common recently made some celebrity prison visits in California. At one prison, CIW, he dedicated a very moving performance to a long forgotten inmate. He called her “a Girl named Red.” The conscious Hip Hop artist spent a week sharing his sweet music with the staff and inmates at four CDCR prisons: Calipatria State Prison Read More…

After Release Programs Recidivism in the US

Ending the Prison to Poverty Pipeline: Improving Families with Jails to Jobs Programs

Ex-convicts often find it very difficult to secure jobs. This difficulty in nailing a job forces them to return to a life of crime. The government however is determined to fight recidivism by providing jobs to ex-prisoners. And a lot of Jails to Jobs programs have been set up in this regard. New York City Read More…

After Release Programs Recidivism in the US

Recidivism: Difficulties Ex-Prisoners Face Getting Jobs Lead Them Back To Life of Crime

Facts have emerged that an increasing number of ex-prisoners are having difficult times securing jobs. This is largely because people don’t want to employ or have anything to do with ex-prisoners. Such thought processes are not only affecting ex-inmates and their families. America as a whole is also becoming worse because of it. One of Read More…

Released When Does the Sentence End
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‘Released’ Brings Prison Families & Officials Together to Celebrate Hope (Video)

Just recently U.S. Attorney John Horn, Gov. Nathan Deal, and former inmates gathered to celebrate a documentary: Released: When Does The Sentence End? Also present were clergy, business and nonprofit heads who are working to assist in preparing inmates for jobs upon their release. All the stakeholders above were featured in the documentary: Released: When Read More…

San Quentin Computer Coding Program Students
Recidivism in the US Women's Prisons

California Prisons Attempt to Lower Recidivism Rates with Computer Coding Program

A computer coding program turned out to be a success for the men at San Quentin State Prison (SQ). So, in an effort to lower recidivism rates, the program is now available to the inmates of the California Institution for Women (CIW). The inmate computer coding program was initiated by The Last Mile (TLM), a Read More…

Susan Burton (left), Founder of a New Way of Life Foundation
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Ex-Prison Mom Uses Past to Fight Recidivism in the American Justice System (Video)

Susan Burton advocates for the end of mass incarceration after spending years incarcerated herself. Now, she uses what’s she’s learned as an ex-prison mom to fight recidivism in the American justice system. She shares how the traumatic death of her 5-year-old kid launched a chain of events which led her in and out of prison Read More…

Common visited 4 CDCR prisons during his Hope & Redemption Prison Tour.
Celebrity Prison Visits & Causes Prison System Issues Recidivism in the US Videos & Audios

Watch: Common Uses ‘Hope & Redemption Prison Tour’ To Fight for Prison Reform (Video)

As a way to fight for prison reform, Common teamed up with producer Scott Budnick, the Anti-Recidivism Coalition and the California Endowment to tour four California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation prisons in the Hope & Redemption Prison Tour. Video: The Hope & Redemption Prison Tour – Excessive Sentencing Earlier this year, Hip Hop star Common visited Read More…