women in prison
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Formerly Incarcerated Women Describe Prison Life and Experiences for Women and Girls

The Marshall Project together with Teen Vogue sat down to examine what prison life is for women and girls. Ayana Thomas and Sarah Zarba were there – both formerly incarcerated women. Kyndia Riley, a teenage student who was only two years old when her parents were dispatched off to prison weighed in. And US Sen. Read More…

Prisoners during hurricanes safety
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Hurricanes: Prison Inmates Cannot Self-Evacuate Themselves to Safety in South Carolina

Residents in cities and towns flee to safety during hurricanes. Workers abandon their jobs and scamper off to safety centers. Hospitals and nursing homes as well as schools are quickly evacuated to safeguard the lives of people. But one class of people is always left behind during storms until it is way too late: prison Read More…

Suicides in prison
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Why Jails Need To Reassess Their Current Strategies To Curb Inmate Suicide Cases.

Ross Frye’s death on September 19 inside the Allegheny County Jail, marked the 5th among the inmates who committed suicide there, in an 18-month span. The 62-years-old hanged himself. Just as all prisons do, following Frye’s death, the jail evaluated its policies and even disciplined some staffs. What those in charge of these facilities fail Read More…

Beaumont, Texas was underwater during Hurricane Harvey. Its federal prison was underwater too!
Prison System Issues US Federal Prison System

Rep Lloyd Doggett Questions the Bureau of Prisons Over Rumors Following Hurricane Harvey

The rumor mill has gone wild at Beaumont federal prison after Hurricane Harvey. There are wild rumors of inmates’ deaths and health threats after reports claimed that Beaumont federal prisoners were not evacuated. Now, Representative Lloyd Doggett is probing into the events surrounding Harvey and federal prisoners. US Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Austin, together with Read More…

The Federal Bureau of Prisons refused to evacuate inmates during Hurricanes Irma & Harvey, leaving them in flooded cells like caged animals.
Prison System Issues US Federal Prison System

US Federal Prisoners Abandoned & Left Like Caged Animals During Harvey & Irma

Thousands of federal prisoners were left locked up in prisons like caged animals while Hurricanes Irma and Harvey raged. Most inmates in state prisons in Texas and Florida were evacuated to “safety.” But none of those incarcerated in federal prisons were safe. Federal Bureau of Prisons Under Investigation The Federal Bureau of Prisons has now Read More…

Mother Sues Feds After Son Pummeled to Death at Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York
Prison Families & Loved Ones Prison Suicides & Deaths US Federal Prison System

Mother Sues Federal Prison Bureau After Son Pummeled to Death in Jail Cell

On Wednesday, Crecita Williams sued the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for the death of her son. He was pummeled to death incarcerated at the New York facility. 35-year-old Roberto Grant was jailed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York. He was accused of pulling off a series of robberies. His mother is Read More…

Hurricane Irma prison evacuations didn't go well, as nearly 4,500 inmates were left behind to fend for themselves.
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Florida Evacuates Prison Inmates in Droves as Hurricane Irma Looms

Friday, the Sunny State of Florida began one of the largest evacuations of prison inmates than ever before in the state’s history today. Officials evacuated prison inmates in droves. Yes,  on Thursday news outlets such as the Miami Herald and the Tallahassee Tribune reported that thousands of prisoner’s state wide are being evacuated in masses as Read More…